Monday, January 22, 2007

The Portrait Of A Lady

Taking the lead in this great novel, our heroine Isabel Archer, a younger American lady who comes to England on her aunt's request. She begins her life with great hope in life and in what life beholds. The writer Henry James shines in this novel. It is indeed one of the best books I have ever read. Isabel takes great risks and therefore must accept the consequences. She does it with total grace, life uncovers its true self to Isabel when the time was too late. She gets herself in trouble, marries the wrong man, steps over herself, and many other things that all leave her weary. You will find truly great characters and you will not fail to notice the perfection of the them.
The heroine takes the lead in her life at first as an independent lady whose only concern is to gratify her curiosity, but then suddenly you find her taking a supporting role, a helpless role trying to satisfy her husband. The true misery in life may reveal itself as glimpses through Isabel's eyes. Money plays a big role in this book, for as Isabel receives a great amount of fortune from her aunt's husband, at first it plays a great part and it helps our heroine alot, but as the story revolves she falls a victim for a greedy man whose only concern is money. She at last realizes that money is the worst enemy of man kind if not known how to deal with it best. Money ruins her life and spoils her pure soul.
However the ending wasn't very detailed, a simple open ending where you let your mind wander to imagine Isabel's future. I wish the author would have wrote a more detailed ending for people like me who like to know which direction I should take in thinking of her end. He could have at least lead me to the beginning of the road that Isabel will walk on, then I might imagine how she will end. But nevertheless such an ending only adds more greatness to the book. I truly believe -after reading the book- that Isabel's life actually represents lives of women around the globe, they may not be as fortunate as Isabel was or as miserable as she was, but still I believe some one -or more- had to go through what she went through.
At last I would like to quote from the book these lines:
"To whom under the sun do we owe anything? What is it that holds us-what is it that has the smallest right to interfere in such a question as this? Such a question is between ourselves- and to say that is to settle it! Were we born to rot in our misery- were we born to be afraid?"

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A new year, here it comes

Imagine 1427 years ago, in a small cave stayed two men dreading being caught. Their legs streched out from the cave. They would have been caught if it wasn't for God's mercy. It only shows never to give up. The begginning of the Islamic histoy.... They left in order to over come oppression, to spread God's message across the globe. It changed the destiny of this world. Many lives have been changed. Millions of lives wouldn't be living the same if it wasn't for this immigration. Our prophet Mohammed and his best friend went from Mecca to Al-Madina on foot. All we need to do is remember the great suffer our prophet went through, and all he did and faced shouldn't go to waste, we should stick together and not let small differences get in the way. Not only with muslims we should do that, it is with the rest of the creatures!
I just want to say "Happy New Year" to everyone and wish them a happy new year. May it bring all we wish for. And that it may end our conflicts. I can not believe that it is between us, the ones who actully believe in the same things. Lets raise above this, as they say. And make this a new start for all the world. This is all for now! May the world be a better place....

Random Thoughts

Try to break your life circle, do not let it become a circle. Every once and a while shape it differently or let life drift away and let your self drift, then get back on track. You will see matters from a new angle. Do what ever it takes to achieve your goals for no one on this earth will do them for you. Everyone is following their goals or trying to find them. Do not let the tide take you too far. Every body keeps looking, for what I wonder. They may not know, neither do they care. Can you believe someone looking for what one knows not. I have done that, looked for the unknown in all the places and I have found more than I looked for, be it good or bad. You can not always expect to have your questions answered, your wishes granted.
Do what you think best at the moment and regret it later, just do what you think and say what you think. There may not be a time to do that again. Embrace every moment and just breathe in it. The best thing to do is breathe and feel the air fell your lungs.
Sometimes I sit and think, I think of how can I express a thought. The way to express it never comes. It is 2:57am and I am suffering from expressing myself at this very exact minute. I am having many thoughts to express. Will life or my time on this life be sufficient to express them. I do not know. I would not care if I expressed them all. My thoughts sometimes need to be kept to myself, it can not go beyond. As I am running out of words at 3am I believe going to bed would be the best thing to do. So I hope you managed to understand anything from this. Good night and we shalt meet again as I have still many thoughts that need to be expressed!

Great Hope

How much more will it take? It has been more than five long years of my life and the horrible feeling of being lost is still there. I am being very ungratful for what I have, but sometimes I can not help it. If the situation keeps going like this then there will not be a place that I can call home. People are suffering greater, and going through more strong experiences, and the best thing I can do is sit back in my comfortable chair and pitty myself and hope that I would go home. But when I think of it, I have all the right. My home where I belong, where all my family lives there, not wait for the two times that my family gets together in one year. May there be a time that God gives the person responsible for this what that person deserves. Living away from my country have taught me great things. It has given my life a meaing and it made me more mature than my age. I began to understand things and started to find explanations for whatever I go through. It has inriched my life. In other words it shaped my life, because I believe strongly that one's life is shaped according to what one goes through. Looking back I can safely say I have been through a great deal, at the age of six I was with my family and they thought that our end has come. I have lived three long years without my father. But on the whole I am so blessed to live here. Where people are valued. Where I can get my needs, not like so many people who live in constant fear. I believe I would have been one if I stayed in my "home". Although everything says that things are only going for the worse. Having people die on their way to buy something from the market only implies to cruelity. However I hope and believe that no matter how bad it gets, it will someday get better. I will always feel that way, God's mercy is beyond everything!
It can not be the end. Life as much as we sometimes hate it and love it can not end this way. Open endings only happen in stories,movies, ect. not in real life. There is more to life than having it end openly. Life is not always a pretty journey, we all know that. Still you can go through things you never imagined. I can not keep sitting on my computer and only be helpless, it is in within my power to end this, and I shalt do my best!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Life Lesson

What do you know? How many questions hunt you down? How many questions that you don't even dare to ask? dreading the answers, fearing your reaction! I hear people avoiding some topics, when you ask a question all you get in return is someone who doesn't answer or saying that "certain things can not be talked about" why may I ask, but changing the subject is all I get. I have come with terms when it comes to being silenced, I have developed a method to act when such things happen. "someday we'll know". Amazing how much a song can get to you, it made me satisfied with the answers I get and made me persuade my quest in knowing everything I want to know. Curiosity and courge are all it takes to have your answers answered. I must not forget the most important factor which is knowing where to stop, because somethings or I should rephrase it, some people may do what ever they may do, if one thing life has taught me then it is: people are capable of doing everything!
alas, why am I here? I do not wish to have this question answered for me ever! I would like to taste the answer and feel it. I am sure I will find out everything I want to know at the exact right time it needs to be known. Until then, I am having the time of my life by simply living. My world is simple and it is too big for me. One day I hope I may feel it is getting smaller.
leaving with this question: Why are you here? Do not answer me, tell it to yourself for I do not wish to know.


A year just passed by, leaving me to wonder what life has in store for me. I was wide awake when the clock got to 12:00am, I was waiting for something to happen. 12:20am and still it is the same, people were talking, TV was on, etc. "Maybe I need to wait for the next day" I thought to myself. I fell asleep, with a hope to dream of something but as usual I had a dreamless night! It has been more than 2 weeks since last year ended and I am still in debt. Not to a person, but to the year that changed my life. Now it is 2007, although it doesn't really feel different as if I was in 2006. I think a new year deserves to have a few resolutions, time needs to be cherished. I always make resolutions, rarely do any of them, still trying is all that matters. So having said all that, I am dedicating this post to the next year. I have many things to be done. I need to control my talking, people sometimes have secrets and when someone doesn't want to tell you something you need to be ok with it, so a new motto for this year "I am totaly cool with anything you want to say or you don't want to say" quoting from the movie "Elizabith town". Also, I need to find a solution for intellectual property rights, it is a joke but it has to be on my list. For the moment those are all the things that can be written.
If by chance you didn't have a great 2006 then I suggest to make 2007 worth while, who knows til when we are going to live, I may be here for the next 50 years or more, and I still can be no longer alive tomorrow. But I am looking at the brighter side and thinking I will live forever, and each day of this iternal life has to be taken the most of. If not then why am I even bothering to live and to breathe?
All I can say now is thank God for 2006! And I shalt see what is in store for me, so shalt every living creature on this universe!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

first blog

well, I am sorry to know that you're actuly reading here! ok, seriously stop! and get a life or check someone else's blog! anyways where are my manners, welcome to the first blog by dark me! someone who is the worst at writing and well, you would think then why would I start blogging? which is certainly a good point! first, to answer the question I must say that I couldn't care less about what you think about my blogs -unless you think they are good- second, I sometimes need to do everything.
here's a brief about me, for the time being all you need to know is that I am "dark me" a nickname which is the opposite of me. I am quite simple. and I am on my mid-term holiday so with you can imagine I am being really jobless!
now, as I am finishing this first post I would like to welcome myself to the world of blogging!
Take Care,