Sunday, December 9, 2007


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Kidz dese days dunno how 2 spell ryt. I mean c'mon, luk @ da way dey write, totally no consideration of grammar, spelling or wateva.
Dey jzt azaze me, and da fact dat lots of kids r confused while tryna write "right" dey end up writing "write" and vice-versa.
How hard z it 2 spell n write correct stuff, eh? N wats so appealing about messin' up da beautiful 'correct' spellin of a word!
Znt appalling?
*shakes head in disapporovel*

Ok, I'm just trying to have fun, I've been trying to put a new layout but I don't know, I guess I'll stick with this one, it's awesome anyways. Until Blogger puts new cooler layouts, I'll stick with theirs.
And this post is to all those people who are annoyed when we write words the way we want to, I've had quite a few people asking me to write in correct spellings, where is my freedom to write in the spelling I want?!
But seriously I've noticed a lot of kids being confused between 'write' and 'right'. You know what, let people spell the way they want to, and write whatever spellings they want, if I want to make up my own spelling of a word, let me do so.
Thank you, but again you have a right to say your annoyed by the way we spell, and so you can exercise that right. ;)

And let me express my contradictories, :D
I lyk messing up wid spellings n it's an art, not every1 can do it!!


Unknown said...


Ok I'm not good at it, lol. I'm a big fan of grammar and stuff, actually on Msn I'm one of the few that write using accents in Spanish. However, that wouldn't mean I would kill everyone that doesn't...

Or would I? :O

Nairobian said...

omg ya i no its ttly a hard fin 2 do n ppl r jus cmplnin cuz de y jelus n dey cnt rite as wel as we do .. its ttly an art n ppl dedic8 deyr entyr lvs 2 mkin english n ezer lang n stuf. it aint ez 2 rite lyk dis xD

I know so many people who write like that, and sometimes I do to.
But that's a good point. English is going to the dogs.. Thanks to people like us, haha.

xo Medha

Bharat said...

Grammar is hot... and what i don't get is why people go around spelling stuff "rite lyk diz" (no offense to nairobian), when that is actually harder to spell on a cell phone than "write like this"... on a normal "T9 equipped" phone...

vagaries in the world...

Bharat said...

chk out my blog kwik...

did i get that right?? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I right whatever way i want cos its faster and easier
on msn you dont want to take forever spelling words you wan to have a quick, easy conversation