Thursday, September 25, 2008

Awesome Ramadan Ads!

So since in Ramadan a lot of people tune in to watch tv shows, tv commercials are just the best! I mean there are tonnes of awesome ads, and even though I don't like the ads on tv, I just love them this Ramadan and I have to give them some credit so here's a post to the greatest ads:

The one that has to come first is Zain's ad about Ramadan with the little boy singing the awesome song about Ramadan.... I just loooooove this:

Then we have this Pepsi ad that has Ahmed Helmy. Everyone loooves him, he's just awesome and the ad is cracking up:

Then we have this comedy Saudi show, it's just the best! I mean even though I don't watch it, the silliness of it is wonderful. Like the actors are sooo silly that you just crack up by looking at them and in this one they're in jail and one of them goes like "You know, I've never felt more freedom in my life" because he got to shout at his uncle and the other goes like "I'm holding to the iron, I'm sad!" It's awesome as well:

And this one is from the same tv show, but in this one he wants to change his sneeze. It's just too funny, there's another one that he wants to change his laugh in, and another that he's telling people what happened in an incident and he ends up saying a poem that is rhymed in a really funny way. Gosh those two actors rule!!

Enjoy these ads! I'm going to try and enjoy watching them on tv too since after Ramadan we'll be having those lame ads...

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