Friday, October 3, 2008

Tips to brighten your day

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So it's not everyday that you spend a nice day, some days are a drag! So in those days, all I wanna do is lift up my spirits. I have a few things that help making me feel better and I'll share them here with you...

-Have a facial, or put a mask or a scrub on your face, it definitely helps me because it makes me feel more fresh (lol, I sound like a fruit!! :P)

-Put on some lotion, if you're not one of those people who put on lotions daily then some lotion would definitely make you feel better.

-Wear something nice, even if you're not going anywhere, or stay in your PJs and put on some accessories. Sometimes people look good because they feel good but in this case maybe you're going to have to look good to feel good.

-Listen to some songs that can help lifting up your mood, and don't listen to sad songs because they'll make you feel more down but listen to dancable songs like for me I'd listen to Forever by Chris Brown or Shawty Get Loose for Lil Mama or any songs that you can move to because dancing and moving around will definitely make you feel better.

-Watch a funny video/ tv show/ movie.

-Go stand in front of the mirror and do your hair in a weird way, believe me breaking your hair style will definitely make you feel differently.

-Make yourself a cup of tea, it's great and it makes you relax.

-Be nice... (I know it's weird, but like when you're down and you do some acts of kindness towards others it will definitely make you feel better about yourself)

So that's what I do, or try to do when I'm feeling down and I want to lift up my spirits, do share what are your methods of making yourself feel better....

And I hope everyone's having a nice day. ;)


Waed S. said...

Noor !
when I read ur post I was like OMG coz u can't believe how much i need sth to lift up my spirits !!

it is kinda late to do any but reading ur simple ways made me smile :)

Mwaaah !

Unknown said...

LOL I hadn't thought about the first ones! Especially the one when you said you sounded like a fruit :P I'll use your tips next time I'm feeling the blues.

Lots of love, thanks habibti!*

Ashok said...

lol some of those tips will definitely come in hand someday :) I really endorse the idea of being nice, it helps. :)

Unknown said...

Noory Noor! Thanks so much for sending the e-mail and for the comments! :) I hope you're doing great this weekend, I finished with midterms yesterday! I'll be free until Monday, but my grandma is staying over (my mum is in Paris until Sunday!) and I'm spending some time with her. I'll try my best to be online though, can't wait to talk to toi! :)

Oh oh and on other news, I think I'll start volunteering at a hospital on Saturday! Will definitely keep you posted.