Thursday, July 3, 2008

Of Gossip Girl and other TV shows

Gossip Girl is a really great show. When I started watching it, I thought it's going to be one of these tv shows about high class teenagers, and their dramatic life. Actually, come to think of it, it was exactly about that. But it just goes beyond you're wildest dreams. It's nothing I'd have imagined it to be. I have to thank my friend Victoria for introducing the show!! So thank you ViC!*
I can't wait for them to release the second season of the show. It's that awesome! I mean they have the most gorgeous cast ever, the most beautiful wardrobe ever. And the plot is just simply amazing! I have no idea how do they think of brilliant ideas to keep us watching. We got to the point of watching three episodes in one day. I would highly recommend anyone to watch it.

Now that we're done watching it, and The OC is done, there's not much tv shows. So I'm just doing my best to finish The Other Boleyn Girl, which I wouldn't recommend highly to be honest. Hopefully I'll get it done soon. :D

Other than that, life is standing still. Nothing important or interesting happening here. But since I'm talking about tv shows, I might as well ponder upon one last show, The Moment of Truth. It's a show where people are asked a series of questions and the show had them under a machine that detects lying. So the show seriously spills the dirt of some people, ruin their lives and the people are happy to go on and do whatever is takes to win half a million dollar. I mean it's a huge amount of money, but I just can't believe how people are, they are willing to ruin their marriage, or anything it takes to get the money. It's unbelievable. One person answered in positive when they asked her if she thought she should be married to her ex instead of her current husband. How is her husband to make things work after knowing that?
Anyways, it's their lives to live.
Just thought I'd let that out. Hope you're having a nice time watching tv. ;)


Waed S. said...

u shud totally get a break of tv ,,, or shud I say , tv shud get a break from you !

Unknown said...

You're most welcome :D Gossip Girl rocks our socks!*

And I know what you mean, some people are so greedy that they can reach those base levels. I hope that they eventually understand life is more than green paper!

Anonymous said...

wow i love this serie :)

Ashok said...

lol well money is strong motivation and I can confidently say that the level of quality as far as t.v. shows are concerned seem not all that great.

Prison break is back though, so I still have hope :)

Nairobian said...

Oh wow I need to catch up on your posts >.< stuff's just been too busy lately, haha

Did you know GG is actually a series of books? I dunno if you did :P there's also a whole series about Jenny :) Called the It Girl. You should read them, the characters are so much cooler in the books. And the people who made the TV show changed quite a bit of the story as well.

hope you're doing well :) tc