Saturday, June 14, 2008


Now that I've spent a week of the summer break, I have to share the lovely experiences I've had. First off, I had my first shot in the vein of my arm. I know that sounds like a lame news, but I have to whine about it a bit. I really don't like hospitals, clinics, and most of all I hate seeing blood. So I paniced but well it didn't hurt a lot.

Moving on, we finally went to the movies and watched two good movies; The Happening, now it was good but we didn't really get it, and Kung Fu Panda, definitely recommend it!

On the other side, I finished reading The Runaway Jury by John Grisham. A very good book, and it was an awesome way to start my summer reading. I also finished a book about the cyclone Gonu. It was a great book by my dad's friend. I finally read a book in Arabic. And now I'm reading PS. I love you.

I also went to the dentist. Got them yellow! But the very uncool part is that my teeth are tied together, i mean the upper teeth with the lower teeth by an elastic. So I'm doomed with less talking and less eating. Now that's a bugger, because my teeth hurt. I know, poor moi.

I wanna talk fashion now. You all must have noticed that mini-dresses are so in. If you haven't then you're not very fashion-updated but it's alright. Now, every one is wearing them, and by everyone i mean those actresses and celebs. Yes, I take a peek at gossip magazines, I mean I don't buy them but when my sisters do, I can't help taking a look at them. That's not the point though. I so want to buy one, the thing is there are no parties to buy one to! Plus, even if there was, I really doubt whether I'd have the courage to go in such a bold look. But here are some of the great mini-dresses that I like:

They're awesome, aren't they? Ahh, someday I will buy myself one. That's when I have my own job and go on a shopping spree and go wild! Definitely looking forward to hat day. Until then, I'll see you guys later.


Waed S. said...

Mini dresses are so cool !!
But well , they are so Mini !!
lol ! get one that isn't that shiny and glittery and put on a nice pair of really skinny jeans !!

Anonymous said...

i love mini-dresses! they are so simple yet awesome!

Ashok said...

Exams all done?! Wohoo, congratulations on your freedom :D

Thanks for your comment on my blog and should a lady ask for fashion tips, I shall refer them to your post :) Good day mademoiselle

PS: My family bought a new car coz the other one is close to 10 years old. I am kind of sentimentally attached to that vehicle(His name is Bob by the way :P). So I convinced them to keep the car and I use them whenever I can spare a few extra bucks for the fuel. So yeah I got a car :D

Unknown said...

I like Hudgens' though I don't wear mini dresses :) If I did it would ruin my reputation (Kidding!)

I'll answer your e-mail soon habibti, take tons of care!*