Friday, September 5, 2008

Noor (Final part)

Ok so Noor ended here, and to be honest it's not the best show I've ever seen, I know I was hooked at the beginning but at the end the plot got stupid, like seriously stupid and there weren't many interesting stuff happening but I watched it till the end because I've watched a lot of it and I wanted to see the ending so I'll be brief and tell you guys how it ends...

We stopped when Noor and Mohand have decided to split, they talk it through and say that it is the best for both of them. They will be getting a divorce, it's their final decision, they don't tell anyone because they know their family won't approve so they get a divorce! Before getting a divorce, Mohand calls Noor and asks her if they're making a mistake but she tells him that she's sure of her decision. So it's official, they get a divorce. The next step is to tell their families, so they decide to do it together and so they go to the house and tell their family that they got a divorce. Everyone is shocked, they thought that sooner or later Noor and Mohand were going to work out their problems but apparently not this time.

No one talks to Mohand and Noor that night, and everyone shows how disapproving they are of what they did. Then at night Noor wants to go home so Mohand takes her since it's pretty late. Mohand was very upset that their family didn't respect their wishes, so he was driving fast! Noor understood why their family didn't approve, and when she noticed Mohand's alarming speed she told him to slow down but it was too late, there was a car coming in their direction and so Mohand had to change the direction of the car so they car fell off a hill or something, and flipped twice and then there was smoke coming out of the car... Noor and Mohand tried to get out of the car but Noor's legs were stuck, so it was impossible for her to go out and they knew that the car would explode anytime, so she tells Mohand to leave her and that he should survive this for their daughter, but he tells her that he's not leaving without her and that he can't live if she wasn't by his side, and there you go he is telling her he loves her again and all that. She says that she loves him too!! Then two men come to help them and they manage to get them out of the car just before it blows up (cliche I know). So then they go to Noor's place and well, they work things out. They're back together!!!

Then they decide that they wouldn't tell their families because they'd be furious with them, so they're back together secretly. Mohand plans a celebration trip to Sri Lanka, they spend the weekend there and they get married again. The thing is, their clothes get in the wrong plane or something so they don't get them, the air lines company sends their clothes to the house. When the family see Mohand's clothes a woman's clothes they get suspicious. Mohand's nephew knew it was Noor's clothes and she tells them. So when they ask where did Noor go, they tell them that she's spending time in her old village so Mohand's grandfather calls and Noor's grandmother answers telling him she misses Noor a lot. So they figure out that Noor and Mohand are back together and they're hiding it from them so they decide to play them a bit.

When Noor and Mohand get back, their families give them a hard time. They act like they don't know that Noor and Mohand are back together. Like no one would listen to them, and they tell them that they're mad at them for getting a divorce. So one day when Noor goes to the house to take her daughter for the family to see, Mohand's grandfather on seeing her in the house says loudly: 'Call Mohand today and tell him to come to dinner, I won't have him be single, he should have a family so there's a girl I want him to meet.' When Noor hears this she freaks out. She calls Mohand and tells him that no matter what he should come to her house tonight, he agrees not knowing what the matter is. But then Noor waits for Mohand and he doesn't show up, Mohand couldn't go to her place because his faily pressed him to stay over for dinner. Noor is very scared her grandfather would do such a thing so she goes to the house. She hears Mohand's grandfather saying to him 'You can't go on like that, I'm going to have you get married, and this time you'll listen to what I say because you chose your way when you wanted the divorce.' Mohand tries to protest and says that they can't force him to do anything when Noor enters the room, Mohand doesn't see her but his grandfather does and he says 'You're going to marry this girl' and he points at Noor. When Mohand and Noor figure out what's happening they were very relieved!!

So everyone's happy that they're back together, but what they didn't know is that Noor and Mohand are already married again. So everything's works out smoothly and Noor moves back in the house.

Then, when Mohand try to see his son whom he neglected for 2 months, he finds out that Nehal moved to Izmir which is like 6 or so hours drive from Istanbul and when he goes to see him, Mohand hears his son saying Dad to another man so he wants custody of his son. This happens over a long period of time so to cut the story short, Mohand is very mean to Nehal so she escapes with the baby, they find her but then her husband makes her hide again but then she gives the baby back to Mohand knowing that she had no right to steal his baby but Mohand gives the baby to her since he should be with his mom and they decide that they'll work it out...

Then Noor is having a fashion show, everyone's so happy for her and she's nervous and waiting for Mohand. When he doesn't show up she's getting worried. Mohand was on his way but two men stopped him and they stabbed him twice!! Or maybe more, and they left him on the road. That was planned of course, one person paid them to do so. Two people find Mohand on the road so they take him to the hospital and they call Noor since she was the last person he called and they tell her about Mohand's condition. She's devastated! Everyone goes to the hospital and they find out about Mohand's condition, he's in danger because those men stabbed him on his kidneys and one of his kidneys is damaged completly and the other is at risk.

He needs a doner to get a kidney. All of his family test to see if there's a match, his mother is a match but she can't donate since she has diabetes. Noor is a match as well but she had to wait for sometime and then she donated her kidney to him.
They knew who was behind what happened to Mohand and the police caught him, then everyone is living happily. Mohand quits his job at being the CEO and he gives his job to Bana who deserves it because all he wants is to be with his family! It's kinda lame I mean what kind of an example would the kids have seeing their father jobless although it may seem a bit romantic but it's not very since he can totally afford doing that.

Anyways after 13 years everyone is happy and grown up, Noor is writing a book about her life, she's pregnant and she's very happy with Mohand. It's a typical ending really. Nothing fancy.... So yeah there you, that's the end. Thankfully it ended, now we're not stuck with it anymore. Oh and I don't like Mohand anymore, yeah I know it's a shocker but I mean yeah he looks awesome but his character in the end wasn't good.

Well, that's all folks!


Waed S. said...

7amdolellah this show came to an end!!!

um so proud pf u for not liking mohanad anymore :D

Love <3

Ashok said...

Man that was one long ending, sheesh :P

Unknown said...

Lol even though you made it you seem tired of it :P

And the picture is lovely!*

Hope everything's going well with you habibti, I'm going to a reunion in a while, I'll reply your e-mail with news on it asap! :) Xxx!

Ashok said...

Hey finished reading Brave New World. I absolutely loved it :) Give it a shot sometime :)

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say that is saw the show, but honestly I liked it...
I know it has a typical ending, but I really liked it. In Marocco the loved the show!

Xx S.