Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeling Good!

What's up fellow bloggers? Since I'm back to school, it's very hard to blog regularly because A)There's not enough time, B) There's isn't much to blog about anyways.
But since tomorrow the weekend starts I thought I'd post a bit and blabber!

So since it's Ramadan and there's tonnes of tv shows on, I'm just watching Bab El-Hara 3, the awesomest show ever in Ramadan really. I talk about it so much, because everyday there's something exciting happening and we talk about it at school, and there's this girl who is in my group who started watching it because of how much I talk about it. Well, it's pretty awesome and in Ramadan we only do two things that we don't usually do, the first thing is study and it's not the jolliest topic to be talking about so we talk about the other thing we do which is watch Bab El-Hara!! :D

Then we have these teachers of ours who are giving us tonnes of homeworks and this year when you prepare for tomorrow's lesson it's just not the same as every year. This year we have to prepare extra hard, and it's just in Ramadan and the class lasts for 30 minutes. I don't know what's gonna happen next. I mean I'm doing fine so far, but I'm just having this feeling that the study will pick up speed and I'll be in over my head, but inshallah I'll be able to handle it, because if not it'd be me freaking out!!

Oh I did my English presentation this week, about consumerism! And it wasn't my idea really, I'm not much of a person who comes up with nice ideas and topics, on the other hand my BFF Waed has that ability so she suggested it! And I'm forever grateful! So I did it, and the teacher was like smiling and nodding, you know like when someone is really happy with what you're doing and agrees... It was kind of funny but I was happy that I did well, she apparently liked it so it was good. :D

Oh and since Eid is coming soon we need to go shopping, I mean I have an outfit but I need something else. I know I know, I just had a presentation about consumerism and preaching people to buy less things they don't need but come on when it comes to looking good and buying clothes it's hard to apply. It's not like I'll be wearing it for one time, so I'll be wearing it more than once, isn't that more invironmently friendly than those people who wear something once? :P Bottom line, I need another outfit, if I found something nice I wouldn't hesitate in buying so hopefully I'll find something, and well you know hopefully we'll all buy nice stuff! :D

Anyways, I'm reading Chicken Soup for the sisters' soul! It's really nice, very touching stories and for me having 3 sisters I can definitely relate and it makes me appreciate them... :D
I don't really have anything interesting to share, but these days I'm just in a hyper, good mood! So which is why I'm blabbering even though I have nothing to say.
I guess I'll just wrap it up, I hope everyone's having a wonderful time!!!! :D :D :D

Be happy!


Unknown said...

Aww you seem so happy, Noory Noor! This post has made me smile :). I was on my semi "I'm depressed - life's not worth living" kind of moods this weekend, but after falling I'm up again and I'm cheerful, although not as cheerful as you!

I'm really glad that everything is going well at your end, that your presentation went well and all! And it's very sweet of you to remember the questions I had for Mia, I was thrilled that she answered the one about the teddy bear, YAY!*

Lots of smiiiles!

Waed S. said...

Glad to be of service amiga ;)

and good luck with ur 3eed shopping ! I dunno what to buy ! I think it wud be shoes and a bag ! I am so obsessed with bags and mom won't let me buy !! :(

Waed S. said...

I mean ok she's paying but it is non of her business ! I like getting more bags ! the last one I got was sth dad got me a couple of months ago !! I need BAGS !

Fast_HacKinG said...

Hey Noorie, it's been a while since I checked blogs, it's great that you're still keeping it up to date ;)

Keep it up :D