Saturday, September 27, 2008


I need a pair of high heels that go with my skinny jeans. A lot of people are wearing them and they look awesome. Let's ignore the fact that I'm too young to be wearing high heels already, I'm starting to look for the perfect high heels to wear!! I don't know if I'm going to make such a bold purchase but this is a must-have, no matter if it's now or a year or two from now. :D

I want something like this:

A long skirt is something I've been contemplating to get since like forever but never really got around to buying one. See all the good and wearable ones can be found in a shop called Promod, and I don't know they're also a bold purchase for someone with my style, but again they're a must and the thing is these must-haves aren't cheap, and if I'm not sure about them then I don't want to be wasting money and really not helping the environment, :P

So it's going to be something like this:

And of course I didn't get over getting a mini-dress! But it's definitely the boldest purchase from these needs so buying will take some time to see the perfect mini-dress! I've already talked about buying one in an earlier post.

It's the end of Ramadan and all I can think about is what luxuries do I need more? :P Well, it's definitely excusable since the things I want are very fashionable (or at least they seem so to me) and I'm asking for reasonable stuff.... :D
So inshallah I'll be able to get these stuff one day, I'm in no hurry!


Unknown said...

I want a skirt like that as well! And yes, you should definitely try and buy some high heels like those and, trust me, you're not too young according to Peruvian standards :P. At least every girl I know owns two pairs of high heels. I don't, but we both know I'm no consumerist :)*

Lots of smiles! (Mez happy, my mother came back)

Unknown said...

Ah ah but let's remember something, alright?! Those are WANTS, not NEEDS :P


Waed S. said...

Walek I wanna get a skirt too !! w those at promod are so colorful and cute but again why waste money son sth um not gonna wear?
bene w benek , fee pumps kteer 7elween bs I don't wear them so u can buy one and wear it for both of us :D
a mini dress ,well that's not gonna happen unless sum1 throws a party!
start nagging on thana to get engaged and get one for the party ! the dress and the heels will turn from wants to needs then !! kefnee ma3ek ballah !? ;p

MWaaaaah <3