Friday, August 15, 2008


What's up fellow bloggers? I'm kind of bored at the moment and I figured I'd update you on what's happening at my end of the world. Weekends aren't really awesome when you're on holidays, specially that one of the awesomest tv shows we're watching nowadays doesn't air on weekends so that's a bummer. But today wasn't so bad, because we had a girl's night out, with my sisters and it was nice to leave the house for a while.

Other than that, I've managed to finish 1000 Splendid Suns, and it's just perfect. I was left deeply moved, and it's just such a beautiful story. I do recommend it highly!!! My summer reading has been really fruitful and I'll be sure to dedicate a post for it when my summer holidays are done.

Now that I'm back from Turkey and trying to learn Turkish, I'm totally hooked to Turkish songs. They're simply the BEST!! :D

Oh and here's a random thing, even though I don't really follow sports or anything, I'm glad that the Olympics are held in Beijing because the Chinese authorities are doing their best to make the games greener and provide a good environment for the players, because athletes need a clean air so that they can perform their best. I actually heard this piece of news on the airplane and right now I checked it online because I'm bored. Here's an achievement, I checked to read some important news and actually read an article about it, all this volunteering by myself. Here is more information: Beijing Scrambles to Host 'Green Games'
I only read the first part of the article so yeah.

Right now I'm reading Journey To The Center Of The Earth by Joules Verne. And just watching a bit of tv and nothing much really. Hope everyone's spending a nice time. ;)

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