Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Shoes Incident

I'm sure all of you by now have seen or heard the shoes incident. Most of the reactions I've heard were that people are happy (that is indeed an understatement, ecstatic is more like it) about the incident.
I just have to blog about this and say what I feel about it. I really think the journalist shouldn't have done that. I mean if he hates Bush so much, is that how he thinks he should express his feelings? Throwing his pair of shoes is highly impolite and uncivil. It's not just because Bush is a president, it's because he's human.
Come on, really is that the way to express our feelings and stand up for what we think? It saddens me to see this man's resort to convey his feelings, and I was very upset to hear about it and see it.

It just says that we blame Bush for everything happening in Iraq now. The blaming game should have been over by now. The Iraqi government is doing so well, and they're doing their best to improve the country. What did that reporter gain by doing that? Oh yes, he gained the love of many people in the world just because they hate Bush, and I've heard that many channels want to get him to work for them, and in a town in Iraq people went out cheering for him because they were happy for what that man did. He's sending a very negative image about the Iraqi reporters because now it will be generalized on all of them, and a negative image of the Iraqi people.
I don't know what you think, but I highly disapprove of what happened. I'd love to hear your feedback on it though.


sucks or not, it's mine said...

It's good that they've beaten the hell outta him! coz he deserves it!

Ashok said...

You just pulled the words out of my mouth. For pete's sake he is a journalist, what better way to voice dissent than writing about it in the media. Its really not nice what he did and I think the fact that voices of reason like you from Iraq are condemning the incident affords legitimacy to the protest of such actions :) Over all clarity of expression and sensible choice of opinion :) Keep it up and look forward to more posts :D

Unknown said...

I think the same way as you do, habibti! I heard about it from my mother and read the headlines on BBC and CNN, but I just thought it was such an awful incident that there was no need to know more about it...

All journalists must be really ashamed of him right now :P He left an awful mark to their jobs!