Saturday, October 25, 2008

Simplicity of Relationships

I've been contemplating this for such a long time now that I just have to let it out and post about it. Although I have to prepare my Arabic presentation tomorrow and revise Islamic Studies, I just feel that I need to blog more.
I just want to talk about relationships with people these days, and I mean relationships in general, whether they're with your friends, classmates, family friends, or any one else. I'm just wondering why do we have to make our relationships so complicated? I mean, for an example, why do we always have to blame others if they forgot to keep in touch? Why can't we instead make matters simple and take a step and keep in touch.

That's just a simple example that I've noticed, if you don't send people messages, they'll be like 'oh you forgot about me.' Why can't we instead try to understand our friends' circumstances? Why are we failing to come up with excuses for people? It's something that has been really making me think, why people choose to make stuff complicated? Why not live in simplicity and goodness and be the one reaching out to our friends and loved ones?

And I want to add something else, which is if your friend didn't invite you over for their house, or if they had a party and you weren't invited, why do we simply take a stand and make things complicated, maybe they just didn't want you there.
It's not very pleasant but let's focus on something here, which is you can't have a nice life if your relationships with people were complicated, your life would be complicated since you'll be not talking to that because of a certain situation, and you're not friends with that because she forgot to keep in touch.

Let's be the better person, let's try to make excuses for people, let's be simple while dealing with people. If you do that, first off people will like you more because you're simple and easy to be around. Haven't you noticed that there are a few people when you're talking to them you're very careful with what you say because you're scared they'll understand it the wrong way? Who wants to be friends with people that make you uncomfortable?

Oh and don't get my words like I mean you should step over your pride if someone hurt you, I'm not talking about that, if people did you wrong then you have the right to take a stand but let's not let things go that far and befriend people in a nice way that it'll be difficult for them to do you wrong because of the positive look you have towards life and how you build your relationships with people...

Anyways, maybe that was too random but I believe in it strongly, I'm sorry I couldn't put it in a better way because my mind is too occupied to be editing and writing creatively but I hope you all got my message.


Waed S. said...

If more people thought like u 7abibti !

Ashok said...

Wisdom and maturity well beyond your age little one :) Moral of the story is to cut people some slack, a lesson all of us need to learn. :)

And don't worry about not being in touch, life keeps us all on our toes. Just make sure you don't stress yourself out too much though.

Go out appreciate the sunlight, smell the flowers (avoid the pollution though, I hear its not good for you :P) or just sing your favourite nursery rhyme :P Last but definitely not the least thank you so much for your comment, can't tell you how much I value comments on my blog lately :P (desperate for people to read what I write- pathetic but true :P)

Waed S. said...

oh check this out noor and get ur blog listed :D
tell huda too !

Unknown said...

People are too self-absorbed :(. I place myself among them, unfortunately. So whenever people are not in touch or they are not invited in a party, they think it's because of them and don't think in the other person's shoes. That's how we've been raised!

But if we ever have kids we'll teach them to let things like that slip away, eh? :P

Lots of love habibti!

Anonymous said...

I don't usually go "awww" at things, but really, awww =) This place is filled with sunshine and positive energy and everything that is jolly, BRAVO! It is in fact very well written, extremely sweet and wise! I totally agree! You remind me of myself when I was at your age, I was determined to change the world and I used to gobble books, but then life happened and I'm all cynical now, so keep up the positive attitude! And keep up the writing, this is totally blogroll material =)

Ashok said...

Hey Noor, thanks a ton for your comments and I had to change the address because it was attracting too much attention from the wrong people :P

And I am in no mood to delete any blogs, I mean readership on the dumber than einstein blog is at an all time low, but for me writing is about getting the thoughts out of my head before I go crazy more than impressing people, so I will keep on blogging :P Its like a really talkative person who doesn't stop even if its obvious no one is listening :P