Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well, it's dull to be lazying around all day. I thought this day would never come, since before school ended the holidays were something really sacred and no matter what we'll do, they'll be jolly.
I mean they are but they get boring. Anyways so I thought I'd get posting about nothing really and blabber a bit. So let's do that!
I think I'll venture out about how I dislike some of the things my fellow human beings do. One of them is when they chew a gum with their mouth open. I mean that is something that really gets me annoyed, and I just want to leave the room because I feel really uncomfortable.
And another thing is that when people after washing their hands and not dry them, they start spraying water at me. That's something I really dislike.

Yes, they may sound weird but we all have those things that make us uncomfortable.
Yeah, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Now, it's all about watching tv and reading. There's really nothing else interesting. So I think I'll wrap up this post with one of my favourite song Moan. The song is awesome, here's the remix because I can't find the original but it's still great.



Waed S. said...

Looooove the songieee !! it is awesome !! even though it got featured in the noor ad :P :P !

Ashok said...

Thats entirely reasonable actually. Sometimes people forget their basic manners, what can I say, they belong to the same species as mankind after all :P