Monday, August 4, 2008


My two front teeth are separated. I remember clearly going to the dentist for one obvious reason; fix my teeth! I didn't ask for them to be more screwed up. Seriously, my two front teeth weren't so bad, it was just that one of them was a bit on the other, so I wanted them to be nicely standing together. Now they're separated! I have an appointment next Thursday with my dentist and I am hoping that he does something about them!

Another thing is that I'm really useless these days, like all I do is watch tv or movies or read. It's fun, but I need to be doing something, get back to posting in YFCI and looking for articles for Viva, which by the way, if you're reading and haven't already written something for Viva, do write something. ;)

And another thing, everyone is asking about school and how are our preparations. There's still a month and obviously we don't want to be thinking about that now. Still some time to be worrying about it!! :D
Well, I think I've whined enough today, but I just want to get productive again. I think I'll start doing something productive now, because like an hour ago or so I tied the room a bit, the shoes were everywhere and now there's not one to be seen! I know, a big accomplishment that requires a celebration but there's no time for that now, I'm all about being productive now! Or at least for the next hour or so!



Mohammad said...

I wonder what u're reading! get urself an interesting book, and then lend it to me :)

Waed S. said...

SweetZ ,
enek tratbe 3'rftek enjaaaZzzz
5a6eer !
lol and enjoy ur time off skol
l2no a month or so from now u'll be back to rambling about how busy u're with skol !

God , I miss having nothing to do !

::Awaits August 18th badly ::

Unknown said...

LOL Waed, I start classes on August 18!

Why God why?!?!?! :( Having nothing to do is the best thing ever! And hopefully the dentist will do something for your teeth, habibti!

asoom said...

nice blog babe :)

Unknown said...

Habibti, what are you doing awake?!?!?! :P

Ashok said...

Spook is a common term used to describe an agent with an intelligence agency. For example James Bond may be called a spook :)

Well productivity is context oriented don't you think? I mean when you are doing nothing else but talking to a person, you obviously contribute to that person's mood for the day by the way you conduct yourself :) Heck you watch t.v., the trp ratings for the show will be affected causing the actors and the producers to be happy. Bottom line, relax and enjoy your vacations :)