Thursday, September 4, 2008


I found this tag on a random blog I was checking and I liked it! So here we go:

The task:

# Pick up the nearest book.
# Open to page 123.
# Locate the fifth sentence.
# Post the next three sentences on your blog and in so doing...
# Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

"I am the mother of Colonel Aureliano Buendia" She announced. The sentries blocked her way. "I'm going in in any case," Ursula warned them.
From 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marques... :D

I wasn't tagged, but I'll tag: Waed, Vic, and Ash!


Ashok said...

task fulfilled mademoiselle :)

Unknown said...

I must admit I cheated on the tag thing. The nearest book was in Spanish, the other book in English was my diary (which doesn't have page numbers), so I picked the third: "The Essential Gandhi" :P

Hopefully we'll talk later on today, big kiss to you!*