Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ok, so now that Mohand is free, he's been trying to look for Tariq. He's been staying near Tariq's hotel hoping he'd come. Now Noor notices that and is scared that Mohand might do something stupid that would cost him a lot. So she's trying to meet up with him and stuff but he's coming home late, and being distant and all. So one day she goes to the study to find him holding a gun.

So she knows that he wants to kill Tariq and one day he knew where Tariq was so he was rushing out of the house. Noor sees him going out and tries to stop him and asks him to let the police handle it but he won't have it and he gets out.

So he comes back after sometime, and finds Noor crying in their bedroom. When she sees him, she asks him what happened. He seems upset and says "I didn't do anything just for you."

Now that's a relief, he called the police instead and there you have it, the case is closed. So with Mohand's birthday coming up and Noor planning a trip, she doesn't tell him because he's obviously still upset, she has arranged the bags already and everything. But she figures since he's upset he wouldn't wanna go. So she starts unpacking but he stops her and tells her they should go.

So I was wrong with my speculations but who cares, they go for 4 days. Now Noor asks Dana and Anwar, to come with them for at least the last two days. So they go to this amazing place that's filled with snow, to skii and enjoy the snowy weather. They have a nice time, and Dana and Anwar show up and everything fine.

Dana was walking in the hotel, and she sees someone on a wheel chair, she's surprised to see how much this girl looks like Nehal. -Nehal used to be Mohand's girlfriend who died in a tragic car accident, just after telling Mohand she's pregnant- Anyways so Dana makes Anwar go see her too, maybe she was wrong.

So anwar goes to see her and he calls her name but she doesn't respond. So they think it's probably someone who looks like Nihal because she's gone. But what no one knows yet is that it is the "true" Nehal. She's alive!!!! And knows they're in the hotel now that she saw Dana and Anwar. She can't walk because of the accident and now she just wants to leave the hotel because she knew that Mohand was in the hotel and he might see her.

Dana and Anwar knew how much Mohand loved her and they didn't want old feelings to come back to him even if the girl wasn't Nihal so they decide to cut their trip. The next day they tell Mohand and Noor that they should go back because their daughter is ill. So they're all heading back. But Mohand and Noor were going to the lobby to wait for Dana and Anwar, Noor forgot her watch so she goes to get it. Nehal was sitting in the lobby too because she was leaving the hotel, so when she hears Mohand talking to Noor she just wants to leave the lobby so she accidentely takes her chair back instead of moving it forward and she hits Mohand's seat and he sees her. He's shocked and says "Nehal?" But she hurridly says "You must have me confused with someone else". And so she leaves.

Noor watches what happens and she thinks Mohand is still thinking about Nehal. Anyways they leave and go back. Now being back, Mohand is pretty shaken by what happened. Nehal goes back to Istanbul, she was living in Germany, trying to be away from Istanbul so that there's no chance she might see Mohand. But now that he saw her, she calls him up. And tells him she's still in Istanbul and that she wants to see him. He agrees, without telling Noor about it. But Noor gets suspicious. Mohand goes to see Nehal and he asks her about why she went away. Turns out that her reason was that she didn't want Mohand to have to live with someone who can't walk so she just left so that he could go on with his life. Now Mohand gets upset, and tells her it wasn't her right to decide that for him. He had spent two years crying over her. She apologizes. But he doesn't accept the apology and tells her that she's dead to him now.

Mohand decides to go on normally with his life, as if Nehal was still dead. But Anwar goes to see her. I mean she used to be his friend too. And as he was catching up, a little boy comes to Nehal calling her mom. Now this little boy is very blond and has green eyes and looks like Mohand. So Nehal called her son saying 'Mohand'. So it's Mohand's son! Now Nehal knew Anwar would tell Mohand so she makes him promise her not to tell him. But Anwar couldn't let Nehal leave again and take Mohand's son without Mohand knowing. So Nehal is leaving to the airport and Anwar tells Mohand to go say goodbye. Of course, Mohand refuses. But Anwar asks him if that's how he wants to part with Nehal, he should instead go say goodbye so that they part without feeling resentment. Now Anwar just wants Mohand to go to the airport to see his son.

Mohand goes and sees Nehal sitting alone, so without her noticing him, he just says goodbye and then turned to leave. But he heard someone say 'Mohand, sweetie come here'. He was shocked, he turned around and saw his son. He knew the little boy was his so he went over and asked Nehal if it was his. So Nehal tried to deny but it's a little too late for that. He knew it was his son. But Nehal wanted to leave because they were going to miss their flight but Mohand told her he wasn't going to let her leave with his son.

So he drove them back to their house, and well from then on everything started to fall apart. Noor felt that Nehal hadn't left and that Mohand was seeing her. Mohand kept visiting his son and no one could blame him but he could at least tell his wife about his son. But he felt bad about telling her because they were trying to have a baby and she's having problems with concieving. So he kept it hidden from her but his grandfather found out and he absolutely refused to acknowledge the boy because he wasn't married to Nehal back then. But Mohand's mother encouraged him because she wanted to see the little kid.

So Noor is afraid of losing Mohand so one day she hears him talking to Nehal and she listens to their conversation on the phone, he tells Nehal where and when they will meet today. So he leaves the house and then Noor follows him. He gets to the park and starts playing with his son. Noor arrives at the park too and she sees him playing with the boy. Mohand sees her, and she starts running away, she figures it's Mohand's son.

Mohand panics, and he follows her but he couldn't find her so he goes home waiting for her, and when she gets home she doesn't talk to him but he insists. So she asks him why he didn't tell her. And he tells her he couldn't tell her he had a baby when she couldn't have one. And he tells her that when he saw him at the airport he just couldn't let them go.

So she asks him 'why were you even at the airport?'

Now that's a good point! And she just leaves the room. He keeps waiting for her in their bedroom but he falls asleep and when he wakes up he finds her sitting at the window with her bag packed. She tells him he has to take care of his son. But Mohand tries to make her stay and stuff but she's determind. She leaves with her grandmother. He tried again when she was out of the house but he fails so he just stands out.

She was trying to get a taxi, but she went to check on her grandmother who was waiting for her to get one, and she finds her grandmother on the floor. She starts yelling and Mohand hears her because he was standing out so he rushes to help her and he carries her grandmother into the house.

Anyways her grandmother's condition is critical and the doctor advises them not to upset her. So from then on, Mohand and Noor put on the happy couple face when they are around her grandmother but Mohand is sleeping in another room. And the thing is, the grandmother is faking it!!! She's doing this on purpose to get them back together. Noor started looking for a house to live in and is considering filing for divorce but she can't leave until her granmother in well again.

So here's this funny little incident that happend. Noor and Mohand were heading to Bana's house to have dinner with Bana, Kamil, Dana, Anwar, Fajir and Kamil's sister. It was Noor and Mohand's first visit to Bana's house so they have to get them something. So they went to an antique shop and Mohand chooses something and Noor chooses something else and they both hand them to the person working in the shop. When they see what they did, Mohand says 'We'll have the lady's pick' But Noor says 'No, we'll have his pick'

But the person says 'Why don't you take them both, they really nice' So they agree. The person tells them that what Mohand chose was made by man who made it for his wife because she left him.

Now when they gave it to Bana, Mohand told them 'Actually there's a story behind this one, it was made by a man who loved his wife passionately but she left him.' He said looking at Noor because she was leaving him. So Noor said looking at him 'Why don't you tell them why she left him? It was because he kept doing bad things to make her unhappy' (That must be lost in translation because it must sound wrong)

He said 'I was just getting to that part, he loved her but she was the one to leave him.

Noor was about to say something when Bana's husband Kamil noticed the tension and said 'Charming story, now let's eat please' and saved them from a heated argument.

Well, things aren't going well, Mohand is trying to make Noor happy with him, he even brings her flowers but she just walks away. It's all just messed up. He just needs to tell her that he loves his son but he doesn't want to get back together with Nehal because Noor thinks she's getting in the way of their happiness. But she's just too stubborn! And now that she got her driving liesence, he's getting her a car but she's also trying to get one. Hopefully he'll be able to get her one before she and her partner get one for her. That partner of her is annoying, he even got her to see an apartment and told her how he left his wife because she was seeing another man and how he felt much better because it's awful to be the substitute. Mohand was going to dinner with his son and Nehal so he goes to Noor's shop to find her partner tickling her. Not a very pretty sight. So he just stands there until they saw him, and he asks to have a word with Noor. So he tells her he was going to dinner with Nehal and little Mohand because Nehal named their son after him. So she just says 'You're free to do whatever you want.' And leaves.

But Nehal's sister makes reservations for only two people because she wanted Nehal to just have a romantic dinner with Mohand so that maybe they could work things out. And she takes little Mohand out and tells Nehal they'll catch up with them later at the restaurant.

Nehal dresses really nicely and when Mohand sees her he is stunned and tells her that she looks like the old Nehal he used to know. So much for making things better. I guess we'll see how things will go, because as you can see they're pretty complicated and they are trying to stall and so now it's all about Noor pushing Mohand away. Poor him! I mean ok he did wrong but she knows how much he loves her. He just needs to make some bold move, I don't know what really but he needs to get her back.


Waed S. said...

noor noor noor !
that was a long post for me to read about noor !!
hope things work out the way u want them to , coz I don't really care about the whole show :P

Ashok said...

and the plot only gets more and more intriguing :) I must say though you seem to have a rather photographic memmory. I mean its like the script is posted :)