Thursday, July 2, 2009


It's been a while since I've done tags, this one is about telling 7 things about yourself. I can talk about anything really, but don't ask me to talk about myself, I'd just pick 7 random things that are simply the silliest things, but it's my blog so I guess I'm entitled to some silliness here, right?
Tagged by Nema:
So here we go:

1. I love to read. (Obvious, no?) That's what I enjoy doing, but lately it's been that and just staring at my little nephew sleep, because he's the cutest little thing ever!!!!!!!
2. I'm a self-centered person. I know it, and I admit it.
3. I'm an optimist! I have a big goofy smile that's on my face for pretty much most of the time. I love to sing out loud, watch corny chick-flicks, and I easily find things to obsess about.
4. I'm still undecided about what I wanna be in the future (I know I've said that a bizillion times in my blog, but people don't seem to stop asking that question!!! It just bugs me how some people seem to be like "Oh my God, you haven't decided yet??!!)
5. I don't like sports; watching them, or exercising! My idea of an exercise is to just stand up, which I do a lot that I can watch TV while standing up, maybe a lame information, but it's true!
6. I want to go back to Istanbul!!! It was the best vacation I've had last Summer, and I'm finding myself this Summer wishing to go back there and to just live there, reading in parks, enjoying good food, and nice weather!!!
7. I talk a lot! I can tell you something more than once thinking I didn't before, it's partly because I talk a lot, and partly because I live inside of my head for most of the time....

Hmm that wasn't as tough as I thought it would be, although it took like a couple of days to finish it up, because I get distracted easily.
Anways! That's me in 7 random things, but don't think it covers it, it won't since everything else that I am won't fit in a list, since it's probably the day-to-day things that make a person.

I'm supposed to tag people, but I usually tag people and only a few answer the tag, so please feel free to feel tagged and answer it, I'd love to read it!! :)

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Unknown said...

Hey :) thank you so much for typing those down.
Took you a couple of days? holy crap lol..taht's weird..
Anyway..I enjoyed reading them :) but girl you should love sports, they are meyya meyya! :D

Keep posting :)
By the's Nema not Neda =) hehe.
Have a great time!