Sunday, July 26, 2009

Enduring Love

I just finished reading Enduring Love, and as usual Ian McEwan's books never cease to be thought-provoking and very original. Although, the other works I've read for him (being Saturday and Atonement) were better, this one was nevertheless good in its own way.

I just would like to share a quote that I found to be amazingly true:
"It is clearly not true that without language there is no thought. I possessed a thought, a feeling, a sensation, and I was looking for its words."

Page 43
Enduring Love
Ian McEwan


Unknown said...

Oh I LOVE the quote!!
Girl, I love your choices with the quotes..Way to go ;)
Rock on <3

Noor said...

ohh! thank so much Nena, you have no idea how much u've been encouraging me to post my quotes!!!

it really really means a lot to me... :)