Saturday, July 18, 2009

Routine, Randomness, Ravings

Do you sometimes feel the need for change? Wait, what am I saying, of course you do. Everyone does. I'm going through that phase now, mostly because my days have become extremely predictable. (except the fact that I always have a hard time knowing what to cook for lunch, so it's just calling my mom and talking to her about that, but then we decide on something predictable because, well, let's face it, as good a cook I am, I am somewhat limited... I keep cooking the same stuff, but it's not my fault, you can only jump from only knowing how to fry an egg to cooking chicken! So it's a slow thing... But the cooking is fun though, but I always forget something... Like either salt, dried lemon (no idea what you call it in English so I'm translating it literally! Sometimes the food is fahy (fahy is the Iraqi word for lacking flavour; salt, black peper, etc It's also used to descibe a person who drops things, and is clumsy, which is why I get called fahya all the time!...) and sometimes it's too salty, but we're definitely getting there...!!! but wait that's not the issue of dispute -I always wanted to say that-)

So, as I was saying, I'm craving change. I want to learn some new language that is exciting and sounds exotic!! Like speaking smooth Espanol, or Turkce, or Francias! I mean, these are the languages that I want to learn really, and I know how to say a thing or two in them, but it's not sufficient to carry on a conversation (at least with myself raving on and on, even if nobody understoof me. Or wander around in a new place, meet people, and just I don't know what really, but it's a need. I could've been learning French this Summer, but it just didn't happen. So what I'm saying is, either grant me the change I am craving, or (I'm a fair person, so I'll give another suggestion...) stop time, and let me sit on my bed doing nothing but reading and watching movies (so that I'm not left with anxiety about next year and the fact that Summer is bound to end eventually!)... I don't know who I'm demaning my requests from, but that's not what matters here really... I'm not depressed, it's on the contrary really, I'm feeling happy today, more chilledaxe (Huda's word really, but it's not like I'm violating copy-rights!) and so I thought of taking sometime to ponder over this since I'm in a good mood, which won't leave me feeling more depressed but more hopeful since inshallah everything will turn out alright...

So, that's my randomness for you today. I just can't help talking about a million thing in one breath, it's an old habit that's too deeply rooted to try and get rid of.
Rock and roll people!
FEE3O (Jordanian word which means have fun) ;)

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Ashok said...

lol as you said, all of us want change. The important thing to know is that we have the freedom to bring about that change in our lives. It takes effort and will, but it is possible. Stopping time is a good alternative though, given college reopens tomorrow. I could spend eternity in the company of holidays, but law school (as opposed to the law itself) just annoys me :P