Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tender is the Night

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night is a good read, his descriptions are brilliant which is what kept me interested.

Here are a couple of quotes that I found interesting:
"His nose was somewhat pointed and there was never any doubt at whom he was looking or talking - and this is a flattering attention, for who looks at us? - glances fall upon us, curious or disinterested, nothing more." (I simply loved this one, it just feels so true!!)
Page 17

"He tried breaking into other dialogues, but it was like continually shaking hands with a glove from which the hand had been withdrawn."
Page 29

Tender is the Night
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Wordsworth Classics


Unknown said...

Loved the quotes :)
I remember one in the novel I was
"I've always figured there are two main indicators of maturity. One is the ability to laugh at yourself. Most people take themselves and their lives a lot more seriously than circumstances call for, have trouble seeing the ultimate absurdity of the whole business. I keep myself amused by laughing at all the dumb things I do. And I do a lot of them, So I'm pretty well entertained most of the time."

Love it :) anf I loooove quotations from novels!
Keep them coming please!! :)

Noor said...
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Noor said...

Aw!! i love that quote, and i do find that i laugh at my silliness sometimes, its just because i do so many of these silly things that i find myself forced to laugh at it, and shake it off!!

its been recent that I've been finding quotes that really catch my attention, i'll defo share them here on my blog since you like quotes, and i have a few that i posted earlier here as well, chk 'em if ur interested!

Muchas gracias por commentario!! (is that correct?) <3

Unknown said...

Haha how cute!
I'd love to check them yeah :) please tell me what was the blog post title?

Muchas gracias por commentario!!
Almosdt :) it'sd "Muchas gracias por tu comentario" or "muchas gracias por comentar" :)

Way to go're doing a great job ;)

Ashok said...

Interesting quotes, thank you for posting them :)

Fast_HacKinG said...

I can't believe I've stopped reading for almost 2 months now :((

Thanks for the quotes, some of them are truly AMAZING !!