Thursday, July 9, 2009

The story of the Lost Banana

This is a story about how I stormed out of dinner, and The lost Banana. To see how it fits, read on...


It started out as any other day in this holiday,
lots of reading, cooking, and lazying around.
I was just trying to get through it until it all started happening
without me realizing it!
Although I've been noticing how easily we were getting into fights,
but that was normal,
two girls, stuck together... for a few years now,
what can they do?
They argue, and occasionally: pick up fights.
Usually pointless, fights that end two minutes after they start.
Sure, there are a few that last a couple of hours, but they all pass...
One such fight occurred that night,
the topic of the fight remains obscure.
She couldn't take it anymore so decided to go to her room,
she left dinner, although she was hungry,
she did it, much to her own amazement that she did it,
she started reading, but sometime later, she took a nap.
At 9 pm!
until 12 am.
She woke up, forgetting what was the fight about.
She managed to fall asleep at 6 am.
It was after reading, watching movies, and a lot of thinking.
How is it that our brain sometimes refuses to shut down when we want to sleep?
It's a curios thing to be honest.

But wait, how does the Lost Banana fit into all of that?
Earlier that day, she was offered a banana by her sister.
She declined.
To pay credit to her laziness, she decided to put it back in the fridge later,
the book was too interesting to put down.
After her nap,
she was asked whether she took the banana back.
She said No.
So, if neither of them took the banana back, where is it?
They tried searching for it to no avail.
It's just another lost item in their room, that is burdened with more that it can take.
But, what can you do?
You make the best out of what you have.
At least, the banana will eventually decompose.
What will happen to all the memories?
the long conversations? discussions? obsessions?
Will they simply become memories?
Or will it actually become a living history??



Unknown said...

How can someone possibly turn down a banana?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG OMG OMG!!!

Haha, you know I adore bananas :) I liked the end, it sums up all the thinking. Keep up the creative spirit, habibti!

Noor said...

haha, i know! but i had one that morning, and well, one's enough for a day!! ;)

but thank u so much for ur comment! u have no idea how much i appreciate it!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Ashok said...

lol never undermine the singificance of those little conversations and those little experiences. They may change the world in more ways than one.