Sunday, July 5, 2009

Birthday Ponderings

This post was written on the 18th of March this year, I was just browsing through my posts, and I came across it realizing that I never got to finish it, so it remained unpublished. However, I feel it deserves publishing, so I'll simply publish what was finished of it... :)

Special occasions are better appreciated with no expectations. I think I'm convinced with that fact, because of the many special days that much was supposed to happen. However when such things don't happen, you end up frustrated with how the day turned out to be.

I'm not speaking of codes. Lets say for an example when it's your birthday (yes, it's this occasion that made me post this). When it was my birthday, I didn't expect much and I wasn't in the jolliest spirit either. I wasn't feeling down or anything, but I wasn't expecting anything. I found out that it was better, I appreciated how many people wished me a Happy Birthday and was even surprised when I expected a regular day.
It was wonderful, because I appreciated -or I think I did- what happened and how the day turned out to be. I think when we expect it to be "all that", we end up feeling let down because the day didn't live up to our expectations, so instead of feeling happy because of your birthday or whatever it is your celebrating, you'd be sad at how it should be more.

I kept remembering what I was told, "Don't let anything get you down." It's surprising that I actually remembered it, I get so easily caught up in the moment. I get so easily distracted, and so easily too caught up with my work. It annoys me sometimes that I let myself be so easily caught up with life, and forget to appreciate it. I may be philosophizing what is happening, and I think upon re-reading this post I may not even understand what I was aiming at from the beginning but it just feels good to let it out loud and shout: "I'M HAPPY, ALTHOUGH I DON'T ALWAYS SHOW IT"


Ashok said...

You were not supposed to real this so early on Miss, but man oh man am I impressed or what. :) But enjoy these little occassions, they make all the difference in an otherwise normal year. After all the birth of a person ought to be celebrated :D

Noor said...

I wasn't?!
I had more fun than looking towards it, so I guess that's what made up for it...
but thank you! :) truly...