Saturday, September 3, 2011

HBBC: Self-love

Welcome to The Half-Baked Bloggers Consortium's (HBBC) first post, where Maha Mohamed, Ammar Al-Majali, Rana Safi, Maryam, Yara Hani, Noha Hanafy, Nema, Deppy, Nouran Ziad, Noor El terk, Salima Al Masrouri, Mariam Tarek, Sara Amr, Yasmine Fayez, Rania Khaled, Engi Amin, Ibhog, Abeer Zaki, Hagar Haggag Yomna Arbad, Salma M San, My Essam and I voice our opinions about a weekly topic chosen by various members. This weekend's topic is Self-love, chosen by Nema. Please take the time to view their blogs just as you viewed mine in order to get different perspectives about the same topic.

I'm full of myself, I've always been the kind of person who replies playfully with "I know" to compliments. My family knows this, and my sisters always tease me about it. Yet, I can be really low on self-esteem and it can get ugly. I love myself, but I often hate it too. And sometimes, it's neutral and I don't have any feelings of either love or hatred, instead they're replaced with a sense of peace. I think that's the best kind of existence. I don't know why. Yet, it makes you love everything around you.

"I love *insert name of friend/family member* more than I love myself."
Think of it. People say that when they want to express the huge amount of love they feel towards others. Do we by nature love ourselves more than we love anyone else? If you have so much self-doubt, if there's so much you want to change about yourself, does that necessarily mean you don't love yourself? Perhaps it does. Perhaps it doesn't. Perhaps self-love isn't connected to the image you have of yourself. Perhaps it is. I'm as clueless as the next person about this, if not more. And I don't have a piece of advice to share with you at the end, just a lot of confusion.


Ammar said...

"I love *insert name of friend/family member* more than I love myself." I do sometimes feel that about you.. i know you are a people pleaser which sometimes i do object to, because sometimes you need to be selfish and say No.. i do not want to do this task or that.

Just love your self and be happy don't fake it :)

Rohit said...

I am more curious than anything else to know why this topic..but that's probably not a question for you.

People say that in a hyperbolic way..overflowing emotions perhaps. It is good though that you feel that feeling of peace. It is all that truly matters. One can love this moment and hate the next..peace stays and is neither happy nor sad. The main problem is making it stay!

Noor said...

@Ammar well, the line isn't about me. Or like what I mean is that yes, the line is completely true about me but I would never say that out loud. It's like... I don't know, when people say it, what are they saying? Honestly. Isn't it the most normal thing in the world to love people more than you love yourself? Not everyone, but your close friends or family. At the end of the day, how much love can you give yourself? You can't be as kind to it as other people are.
Anyways, thank you for the advice. I don't fake happiness though. :)

@Rohit Ask Nema, she chose it. It took me ages to come up with something to say because of a writer's block I'm suffering from.
You're right! Making that peace with yourself stay is extremely difficult, but it's far better than love and hate. It's honest.

Unknown said...

Hey, there has always been an "I don't know" behind every "I know". I believe in that, and I believe that most people who appear to be so confident, are the people who often struggle much in life.
And yes, loving yourself is a priority before anything or anyone else, that's how we struggle with selfishness and egotism =/
More posts pwease (:

Ze2red said...

"if there's so much you want to change about yourself, does that necessarily mean you don't love yourself?"

Maybe this means you love yourself so much that you always want to see "You" in its best state possible. We are all strong and can take manners in our own hands, however development is withheld because our lack of control, or so I guess.

Ada said...

Self love is a wonderful thing, since you have to live with yourself. They say "you can't really love another unless you love yourself first", right?
You know what you love someone more than yourself when you know without a doubt that you would gladly "take a bullet" for them. There are very few people in one's life that you will feel like that about. Good parents feel like that about their kids, at least while they are little.

Nothing-but-ordinary said...

SAME FEELING. I mean 'self' and 'love' combined together in one word?!!

I love how very frank you are to yourself! =)

Waiting for this week's post! (^^,)

Salima Al Masrouri said...

"I love *insert name of friend/family member* more than I love myself."
I think we should rephrase it the next time we say it. "I love you as much as i love myself" sounds better to me :p

On a serious noteL Lovely post, Noor...I'm loving your blog..Keep it up <3

Ze2red said...

Faith, we should indeed do that.