Friday, September 30, 2011

HBBC: Hijab Removed

Welcome to The Half-Baked Bloggers Consortium's (HBBC) fourth post. Meet the members here. This week's topic was chosen by Marwa.

I've been wearing Hijab since 8th grade. My 7th year now. That's a while. It's enough for me to feel as if it's a part of who I am. It was a mutual decision between Huda and I. Though it was originally hers. My parents welcomed it, they wouldn't have forced us to wear it though. They didn't to my other 2 sisters and they didn't to us. Sometimes I wish they were more strict with our religious upbringing. They were a bit more strict with us than my older siblings. Perhaps they realized after sometime that's how they should have brought them up too. Believe me, I wish I was more of a religious person so I can't preach here, not that I like preaching. I won't judge you based on your spirituality, I don't talk about religion, I firmly believe that it's between you and your creator. How can I ever know what's in your heart? And how can you ever know what's in mine?
Anyways. We were young when we wore it, and many people would tell my mom why do you make them wear it so young? Surprise surprise. It was a choice. Till this day some people tell us why do you wear it. It's weird, what does such a question mean. Does a woman have to wait till she's married to think about wearing hijab?

 It's sad that hijab is becoming just another item of clothing you wear because it's more of a tradition than something you actually believe in. I just feel sad that some families force their daughters to wear it. They don't understand why they should wear it. If there's no inner conviction of Hijab then what's the point? They're definitely more likely to take it off which brings us to the core of this week's topic. Wearing Hijab then taking it off. Why? It was at the wrong time I'm not ready, it doesn't look good, there's not enough Hijabi wear, my friends don't wear it, I didn't know what I was getting myself into, I was forced by my family, etc.

I hear of stories of girls removing their hijab and to be completely honest I feel sorry for them. Whatever reason made them take it off. Some either take it off for good, or postpone it to a time when they're more ready or simply because they're travelling abroad. The latter happens so often. It's as if you leave your religious beliefs behind.
I'm going to sound self-righteous, and I'm not usually one to take extreme opinion on things but it's wrong to take off hijab. There. I said it. I don't want to generlize. Yet, Allah clearly states that women should wear it so taking it off is against what Islam preaches. So, learn about your religion. Take your time. Believe me, it's not hard wearing it everyday. I live in one hot country, 40 C is normal for us. Yet, I wouldn't take it off. Walk with pride. Be fashionable, yes you can. Don't give in to peer pressure. Nothing matters if you believe in Hijab. Nothing.


Unknown said...

That's a very powerful statement you wrote here. I do not belong to any specific religion, but I know that, if I suddenly chose to go down the Catholic path, I wouldn't half-do it, I would interpret what the Bible says and follow the rules set. Like you stated: "Learn about your religion".

Ze2red said...

Good for you. keep your stand ;)

I've been wearing hijab for like 14 years now. Never thought about taking it off. ya rab thabetna.

Nothing-but-ordinary said...

You know what I really love about you ya Noor? You write from the heart. I can feel your words.

I, also, can't get the rationale behind removing Hijab when travelling abroad!! It's just sad!! :(

Rock on.. (^^,)

Anonymous said...

Interesting to hear about your choice to wear hijab. Do you think it should always be a completely voluntary heartfelt action, or should it be backed up by compulsion?

Aya adel said...

Allah, I always wanted someone to bring that up.
I'm wearing hijab 5 years now, and it was my decision.
But Mum told me that I can wear it whenever i'm ready, but will never let me taking it off.
and i accepted the challenge, thinking at first it will be so tough.
but O can't imagine that I'll take it off anytime sooner or later.
you know what?!. I think I'll feel naked without it, this is the word ( naked).
but you know what also?. on our lecture there is like 250 students. 150 girls, more than 100 Muslims are wearing hijap, so i absolutely believe that the surrounding helps you to adopt so easy so quickly, yet I believe that a girl in France or America will absolutely be amazing wearing hijap when no one else do.
U should talk bout taking off the hijap at your weeding, this is a serious matter that I would like you to share . keep it up noor !!