Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Render me helpless

Pass me by
Heed me no attention
Don't bother smiling
Don't answer my questions
Don't listen to my words
Don't think of me
Never cry for me
Never plead my case
Never need me
Kill whatever thought you have of me
Forget me
Abolish me from your world
Ignore my efforts
Lie and deceive me
Tie me down
Lock me
Laugh at me
Think me worthless
Take my everything
Forsake me
Render me helpless
Answer them
Tell them what you never told me
Tell them what you exactly told me
Give them the world
Be there for them
Laugh with them
Reach out to them
Whisper in their ears
Crave their attention
Hurry into their arms
Burden yourself with their pain
Bring them joy
And when they've had enough of you
Find others
Just keep walking down the path I never took.

Photo Courtesy http://weheartit.com/entry/5881011


Unknown said...

You've written this?! It's so lovely, yet so sad...
<3 you habibti!

Noor said...

Yeah I did, surprising isn't it?
But thanks Vic. I'm glad you think so. <3

Yasmine said...

Okay, Noor. This is very simple and equally beautiful. I love the feeling it evokes :)
P.S. write more poem-like posts. <3

Rohit said...

Finally a poem! Well done and write more please. This comment is really a formality as I already told you how it is but still I think its a great first attempt. Makes me think if your first one is so good, I am eager to read more soon :-)