Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just like any other

Some chocolate, or popcorn, and a movie. Alone preferably. Lose track of the events for a while to think. Get back and focus. No comparsions made. Too many differences. Hers was an easy life, and the world never fails to remind her of that fact. There was so much condescension around, wasn't there?
So she didn't know much about the world. Big deal. Did everyone who seemed worldly know much about it? So she, too, lived. Just like everyone else. There was a lot going on. So many living in their own private worlds. They didn't want to be disturbed.

A scene went like this:

One of the characters made her case so clear, persisted to the point of demanding things till her friend had no choice but yield. Thoughts and feelings began to show, and you watched her friend's timid, happy to feel cared about, troubled face. The scene ended but she was already lost in its details. Was it a special bond between these two? Surely not. No, she couldn't honestly say. Perhaps it is a special bond, or it will be after this, who knows?
Some people had a way of getting a person open up. She wished she was such a demanding friend, asking because she had a right and getting a chance to show how much she cared. Thinking that people will tell you
things without you asking is very farfetched. She was among those who waited to be asked till she told all, so it was unfair asking any different from people. She was taking her time to do things. Taking time to change things. Time. She knew time was vital, and she was learning patience. No more unrealistic plans that never saw the light of day. No more of that. It did way more bad than good.

Where was the movie going? She couldn't believe herself, she lost track of it. Again. It was coming to an end, what were they fighting about? Did she have the heart to go back and watch again? She must. Rewind. She felt herself close to surrendering to her thoughts again. This time, No. She fought it. The movie ended soon enough. Did she really have to go back wandering where her thoughts told her to go? She didn't want to give in. She didn't want to think anymore, it was agonizing most of the time. It was draining her. She felt like putting everything on hold. Take herself out of there. Away. She didn't want to think about herself anymore. Enough is enough.

A walk. She couldn't go walk alone. What a sad world. Her reflection in the mirror troubled her. The look on her face. How dejected she looked. She laughed it off, tried to make a silly face. It didn't matter.
She knew what she needed, but couldn't ask for it. How she wished she could. I'm there for you. Are you there for me? You're there for someone else. How could this be? Just as her thoughts neared the core of what was getting to her. She stopped them. She couldn't handle it. That was enough. She occupied herself with something else. It worked. Yet, whenever she was alone it came back to haunt her. What would you do? Watch another movie?


Yasmine said...

"A walk. She couldn't go walk alone. What a sad world. Her reflection in the mirror troubled her. The look on her face. How dejected she looked. She laughed it off, tried to make a silly face. It didn't matter." <3

I love how you craft the details in this one, it's heart-felt. I can feel the loneliness and conflict in her head.
P.S. you ARE a good writer. (matsada2eesh Noor lama bet2ool la2 :P)

Noor said...

I'm glad I got something across. Thank you. Your encouragement does me a world of good and gives me hope. And I love receiving doses of hope. Keep them coming please.

Asl ana ba2olaha keda bardo bs mo5aha t2eel mabtefhamsh. LOL!

Windswept Dreams said...

meen Noor? wallahy ana ma2oltesh haga :P

I loved the raw version, but I loved the edited one more, the ending was perfect.

Watch a movie, but some time, some where, open the pandora's box of thoughts with a trusted friend and try to sort them out. Use coloured cards if it helps <3

Tory said...

This short story reminded me of some dreams I've had where chronological time doesn't make any sense.