Friday, May 18, 2007

What's happening?

It has been long since I have posted in my blog a bit of nothing. I miss it very much. It is Thursday and nothing much is happening! I went shopping with my mom and I bought a skirt . My exams are coming soon and school is about to finish. This semester has been great fun. Looking back at this school year it has been.... Lets just say it has been unpridectable.
Summer holidays are just days away, even if it was spent in total waste then it would be fun I'm sure. The not-so-much-fun part is the horrible heat around. Maybe I'm just being my complaining self but it is true.
Another random thing which is a song that I'm in love with at the moment. It is 'How to touch a girl' by Jojo and the wonderful thing is that I found the song which doesn't happen that often mind you. Have a listen....
Let us hope nothing happens and the school lets us go after the 9th of June, I don't have the least idea why they keep us in school so much. I'm sure it's not because how much appealing we are to them and how much they like seeing us -their dedicated, hard working students who are always accompanied by a book :P-
Let us seek for dedication, motivation so that we -I should say I- can pull through my finals! But they are no big deal... Who am I kidding really?
The big party is coming on Sunday and we're all very excited. We are good and lets hope we do well.
Anyways I can say as much for now... Nothing has been filled...

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Unknown said...

Good luck with your exams, Noor! You are lucky: I finish school in December :O! Haha, I really hope you do well! I'll read your older posts. By the way, how was the YFCI Chat? I was so eager to be there, but I thought it was at 2 pm! Obviously, no one was online then. Later I realized it had been at 10... :)