Saturday, May 5, 2007

Debating over lunch....

They: 'You're planning to volunteer with the UNICEF????? Why would you want to do that? What are they doing?'
Me and Huda: 'They are doing much to help children all over the world'
They: 'How come we don't hear much about it?'
Me and Huda: 'Well, we know alot about what they do....'
The debate when we were sitting eating lunch continued with two girls of our acquaintance. Then they couldn't help contradicting themselves by saying that UNICEF doesn't do much besides what they publicize. They claimed that UNICEF only wants fame and wants people to know that they are actually doing. Another pointed was that if UNICEF was donating money or was holding a campaign why would they publish it? Don't they care about those poor people and what shame they might be feeling if the whole world knew they were poor and they needed money. I thought first they said that they didn't hear much about what UNICEF is doing and now they were suggesting that the UNICEF should do more and publicise less!!!
I couldn't help telling them they were very much wrong... I talked and mind you very freely and very much about my dream of joinning the UNICEF one day. I also mentioned how much they are doing. Now we moved on since I drifted away and started talking about the world's problems and I mentioned about the project we're trying to do. Which is for kids in Africa who are born with HIV. Now, I gave them something to protest to. Why is it kids in Africa that I was caring about? What about my country's children? Mind you I don't say this much but this is where nationalism sucks! Why wouldn't I care about them? Or would that mean I don't care about the kids in my country? I really hate it when people say stuff like this because it'd like they are saying 'What do you care about your country?' Making assumptions such as these isn't nice at all.
How much was going during that lunch. At last they only said that they weren't against caring about these things and I do have to give them some credit, they said we have high dreams! I took that as a compliment!
Now my sister's friend couldn't help hearing and said a thing I liked very much, she said that it was nice that I was caring about such things but what was it that we are doing, is there a noticeable change? I couldn't say YES! But I said that we have to care and try to make a change which was a satisfying answer for her.
Also, I listed some of the things I do which is also boycott some stores and I managed to highlight some of the injustice that is being done to the workers in these shops...
It was such a great debate but the other team had weak points! :P
No one won though. It was only supposed to be a family dinner with some of our friends! Which was fun and actually those people we haven't seen in nearly two months which was a long time since we used to visit them regularly. It was nice to catch up and have this GREAT debate!

Will keep on caring about what is going on..... :D


Ashok said...

Noor remember the thing about the ideas being bullet proof. For every major action plan, the basis is always an idea. UNICEF started out with a concern and over a period of several decades it has reached where it is today.

It is always important more to care and be concerned. Even if you are not able to do anything, the fact that you were concerned makes you feel better. :D Great post.

Ashok said...

Just saw your comment at my blog and thank you for taking time off to read both my new posts.:)

In response, well first of all the land prices near these beaches have shot up like crazy and I cant afford anything there anymore. Second after living in a modern city like Bangalore, I just cant stay in a small village for more than three months and there is no net access in coastal karnataka, so cant make blog entries in the evening :)

Bangalore is an awesome city, and I would like nothing better than to live here for a long time and for retirement I have decided to take up the job of a lecturer at a law college in Mysore.:)

And death, well I kind of have a positive perspective towards that concept so.... :D

Anyways I will keep my positive spirit and I hope you will do the same as well and keep talking, I always like listening to other people.:D

And if you need help with capitalism, moi here.:)

Ashok said...

Hey I just read your comment on my other blog, about your classmates. It was too good :).

Well maybe if they bothered to find out whats happening around the world, they wouldnt be so underprepared to face the real world.