Monday, May 14, 2007

Today there was a party somewhere in Nizwa about sport activities... So I was there, now it was as usual a girls' only party and we were sitting and other girls presented the show.. Now there were a few kids but the person next to me didn't look at them the way I did... She said they were boys... Now I believe they weren't older than 10 years old but anyways let her look at them the way she wanted to that wasn't my biggest issue... Then she said they were supposed to put boys in the front and they should have been seated in the front and girls in the back. I couldn't help wondering the reason behind such a belief so the being lost look covered up my face and I asked 'erm... Why?' She said things just worked like that... Now I told her that this sort of thinking isn't right because there shouldn't be an order where girls and boys sit... It is just not right! Discrimination is just being applied with no reason. I said we have to move on from such ways of thinking... I don't think she understood what I meant and I included that by her saying in a sort of sarcastic way 'Oh so every girl should sit by the side of a boy?' Now I wasn't suggesting that and it would be very stupid to say who sits where!
If there was discrimination in those most simple things then how about who gets education? The other weird thing was that it came from a well-educated person whom I really admired at first. I still do admire her but...
Is this way of thinking we were born to adapt? I am not too sure on this, because I see alot of people who think that this is really really normal! But is it really? We ask why discrimination exists and here there are people who think it is just as normal as taking the next breath...

Let me leave it there... Who knows? Maybe she will realize someday that this thinking only leads her to have a side role in her own life in which she should take the leading role!

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Ashok said...

lol Well some people just are programmed to think in a certain way. So you just got to laugh at them :)

But I agree I mean there shouldnt be any form of discrimination. How does it matter who sits where as long as they are okay with it.

And lastly thank you so much for your comment on my blog, makes posting a lot more worthwhile. Trust me its like water for a thirsty traveller in the midst of the desert.:)

Take care and as usual your everyday observations are superb and really give an insight into how people think.:)