Monday, May 21, 2007

List of things to do.

I normally wouldn't make a list of the things that I have to do and end up forgeting them. But these are some important things to get done:
- Send an email to our YFCI members asking them about what is the ideal behaviour in our org.
- Send mails to encourage our members to post.
- See what I can do to get VOY help us promote BTCA.
- Get info about HIV/AIDS and send them to Zach and get our OBCO site going.
- Write about 'cyclone gonu' for the A2I blog
- Write the YFCI chat meeting report.
That's about it I think!


Unknown said...

U also have to study! :O Haha kidding, do us u plz.. I don't believe in forcing people to do things against their will... Some of the things I wish I can provide a child (if I raise one) in the future.. Good luck with your to do list!

Unknown said...

"As you please" :O I didn't check my ortography.

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