Saturday, May 26, 2007


While listening to the world. I some how lost sense of what is going on with my life. My problems are seen as shallow, my cries are heard as whispers, my laughs are only smiles and my joys do not matter as much -I know, I know, this should be a poem instead :P-. I think I need to have a new insight on my life. I can not keep on doing this. It is just not right! I need to know that there might be bigger problems in the world than my own and greater joys but I should not compare them to mine. My own are the ones that I should learn from and they should be the ones that enrich my life! It is my own life and so I do not believe I might have another chance again to live another life which -for me- I see as a positive thing since I'll try to give my best in this life. I know I deserve as much.

I understand that my sorrows are the ones that keep me attached to real life and puts me back on my feel if I ever like I can fly away from my own happiness! They should diffently matter.

I can appreciate the things I have in my life more while I am caring and hearing more about some of the suffer in this huge world. I should not lose the meaning of things that occur to me. I think I need to work on this, because sometimes I do sink in my own problems and see that I have really a reasonable share of them as everyone else. I have enough that can keep me buzy for a while. Yours might be much bigger but who is to say really? I am always azazed when anyone says I've been through more than anyone else, how would you know really?

I have to give the things I go through their share of importance but I do know that it should not be so much that I might end up being so self-centred! I know I will be able to accomplish that but it needs some work!
At last I just want to say don't lose yourself through out the way... :D

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Unknown said...

I feel like that sometimes, too... Maybe it's not the same, it's similar. You are so eager to help the world, to be aware of all the problems that are occuring, but somehow, at the end of the day, you find you worrying about yourself and that is annoying... However, your problems are not small at all! You need to know yourself very well first and know that you cannot dedicate 100% of your life to other people... At least a 20% for you :) If it is hard you can always go to a psychologist, something I'll do in the next few weeks I suppose, I'm too stressed out...
It's truly amazing for me to only find a few people like you who care about what's happening nowadays. I know in my school many do not care. So it is comforting to know you, Noor :)!