Wednesday, May 30, 2007

From where...?

Where do you get all of this from?
This is a question that I have been thinking about for quite sometime. Have you seen how many shows, contests and such offer you a chance of a life time to win your dream house, car, gold, and tonnes of different kinds of prizes! And then you have the money that you can win! I just keep on wondering from where does all that money come from? And has the world become so very generous that they are giving these huge amounts of money away.
Maybe they are gaining it in huge amounts and maybe it is gained in a wrong way so then they think that by giving some money away they are freeing themselves from the guilt! Maybe they were exploiting their workers! I can think of more wrong ways that they can get money. I have to look at the other side though. Perhaps they were gaining money from their viewers, maybe from the viewers calls, smses to the show or such! All they want to do is just give and share their profits with us!?
These are merely assumptions of mine! I do not wish to be pointing fingers or anything but these questions have arise within me and I can not help uttering them out loud! Have you ever questioned the same? Did you find any satisfying answer? Because I sure haven't!
And what would I do if I was given such money? Would I take it? I have no idea... I have to get the above questions answered for! It is quite confusing to tell you the truth! I am not sure they are doing it out of their good will.... There is absolutely more to it than this! The problem is that we are all mislead to think that they want to benefit us. We have to question it though.
What would you choose? Would you take the money willingly?

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Unknown said...

Read "The Lottery of Babylon", by Jorge Luis Borges... I know I am not answering your questions :( But that's what came into my mind... The world is corrupt, so I'm uncertain whether I'd take the money willingly or not. Keep on thinking the world will be a better place, Noor, and keep up with those posts :) Love'em!