Wednesday, May 2, 2007

from here and there

how's it going? It has been long since I posted in here. I know I know... You all missed my posts :P
Nothing much have been happening but we actually won first place on the Nizwa Project For Healthy Lifestyles which was awesome. They didn't announce it yet. I had enough courage to tell our teacher that we demand announcing that we've earned it and won!! She simply said that they still haven't informed our school officially. Anyways at least she promised she would when they inform the school... Our afforts have to be rewarded!
Another thing which happened today was that we went out, because the lesson had to be taught out side because it was on astronomy, anyhow I can't even start talking about how hot it was. It was nearly 12:30 pm and we had lost all of our enrgey and we only wanted to go home. The only thing which made it acceptable was that today is Wednesday!!

Another annoying thing happened which was that the social studies teacher gave us a short quiz with only 2 questions... Now the questions weren't hard but doesn't it just bug you if you asked the teacher about a question and then it turns out that they gave you the wrong explanation!

Life is good though, we hardly study nowadays! Who would study if school is just about to end and there is a couple of weeks untill exams come... well, not me at least...

Oh yes, I watched a movie... It's called 'Aquamarine' and I truly liked it. :D finally I saw a good movie.

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Unknown said...

Aquamarine? Mmm I'll check it out :)