Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ups and Downs

It has been a while since I last posted in here. You must know how it is when school makes you feel like you do not have a life. I do not want to waste my time complaining on how is school like. I have wasted enough of my time. Yesterday we went to the 'Book Fair' in Muscat which is a yearly event where you can see books from all over the world. I was so excited as I entered the building. I had the list of the books that I wanted in my bag. It was the high light of a long period of time. We even got the latest book by my dad.
Yesterday was fun even though I was up for more than 19 hours. We had fun. Alot has happened like we got the school results this week. And being in the music team we had to go for the try outs for some contest. They chose us after listening to our playing for 1 minute. They now want us to miss classes and show up for the training. Will we be forced to go even though we do not want to? I am not sure. I hope not though.
These days I have no idea what is going on in this world. I haven't watched TV in so long, I haven't posted anything on VOY in a long time.
The biggest thing that has happened is that once we steped in the school we saw our teacher and one of our friends talking. We didn't understand but we walked along. Then our friend told us that one of our classmate's dad passed away. She has been with us in the same class more than five years. It was very sad. Everyone has their time but sometimes you can not help saying 'why?'
Death is a natural thing and we all will face it someday *double checks the last sentence and realizes that I am only 14*
Nothing more to say in here. So long dear readers.


Anonymous said...

very GOOD topic
loving it and am so happy that u had FUN in your school , u knw me 2, until NOW there;s no pblms at ALL , thanks GOD
and abt the dealth
(dealth is a part of life )
hope to see you online soon

Ashok said...

Pretty philosophical for a 14 year old.[:)] Keep it up.