Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Living life on some certain 'rules'

We were asked to write a summary on a speech. It must be 4 pages or more. You must show moral values in the lines you write. They must have a meaning. If we volunteered then it wouldn’t have been so bad. Being forced to do something for school always gets on my nerves specially if it was about something I don’t believe in. I started to learn in this year that when they tell us to write about something it’s OK to write what I believe in and let my true feelings show about the subject we had to write on. And I was even surprised that I did pretty well. But the problem this time is that what I have learnt can not be applied and what they told us to write must be written on their own conditions. You must think that nothing can be forced on us and we always have the right to express our thoughts or even better, tell them that you can not write at all. This certain topic can not be rejected because there is more that meets the eye. Certain people would be affected in a bad way by this and I am not in the position to jeopardize anything.
But on the other hand why am I making such a big deal out of this? I wrote it as they asked and gave it to them. I am sure I will not win in that competition because I do not fit their own ‘rules’ which aren’t spoken about but if you were in my shoes you would see them very clearly. I actually hope and pray that I do not win. Hypocrisy is something I do not like. And what I wrote was hypocrisy. I can not uncover this whole subject but I wish I do not win. It would mean so much more than winning.
So it is what school is about. They ask us to write about something and there is no escape. But this one is different. It is not for a school subject that you have to write to pass, neither it is for everyone in the class to write. They only picked 4 girls. And the shocking part was that the teacher knew I wouldn’t fit their rules still she put me in.
So nearly I would know if they even made my summary pass and they would send it to the ministry so that they can choose the winners. Till that time I pray they pick one of those 2 other girls who fit their ‘rules’.
At last what shalt come shalt come. Everything has a reason and this is no exception.

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