Friday, March 9, 2007

Oh Welcome, life ahead!

It has been more than 14 years. Four of them I can not even recall anything from. Another four I started to make sense out of things. The remaining six are what I can recall somehow clearly. You have been there with every step. You have been there to walk by my side. Isn't this a VERY long period of time? When will you leave me? I am sure it's not anytime soon. But one can only dream of things. I will be 15 very soon and your picture never faded away.
Will this go on for the rest of my life? I am not complaining, dear reader. I am only expressing some thoughts which are on my mind lately. If this is how my life will continue to be, then I am the first to be holding some flowers as a welcome to every year as those years which are ahead of me come, I will be the first to greet as they behold the same life I am leading now with the same person.
Life is bearable because of this person's existence. If there wasn't someone always available to yell at, criticise every movement that person makes, talk to that person's ears continually, laugh at/with, run after, etc. then I don't know how would I ever go on living this life between four walls which keep me prisoned.
I long for those coming years if only that person was still there, I can keep on breathing and fighting in this life if there was this person to tell me what's right by saying it is wrong. And teaching me what's wrong by saying it is right!
So the next year can be only the same. And that is a good thing. No matter what happens, no matter what experiences I go through, there will always be this person who is able to finish my sentences when words become my enemy and betray me.
So no more to say, except for a memory of those six years which are crowned as the best years of my life. WHY? One simple reason: Those are the only years which linger on my memory!

PS: As always this is not a compliment. Nor it is waiting to hear a 'Thank you'. It is no more than a blog post!? HA! Well, of course not! But do not act formal and say 'OH'! Just smile and move on with the rest of the day.


sucks or not, it's mine said...

oh, *smiles and moves on* .....
You're -no I'm not going to say great, oh I love you- NOT GOING TO HAPPEN....
but I like this... :D:D
it's wrong -going by ur dic. it's right-

AK fan said...

Hmm...are you addressing your twin through this post?:D

I liked your expression Noor.Sorry for not commenting for so long.

AK fan said...

And I forgot!All the very best for your coming years!

Happy Birthday in advance!

FaerieDevilish said...

Dear Noor, I hope you take this as advice from someone who's close enough to your age to understand what you're going through and share it, and far enough to warn you: Do not try to hold on to time, as it will make it only fly by. Hold on to your ideals, dreams. Hold on to life. I wish you a very good birthday on the 17th and a great year. :)