Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thursday left...

uhh... hmmm.... I'm sure there is someone reading. I am sure you want to know the words that are written in here. I can see you reading but your face expressions are bleary. I do not wish to hear/see the reactions my words make. I enjoy the feeling of only readable expressions. Try and make some sense out of these words because I lost all sense. Just let me try to express this state of being. With no apparent reason I am feeling blue. Is it because of some reason? I do not know, I do not even think so. It is very uncomfortable. Let me try to cheer up though. Today is Thursday and I love Thursdays. It is the exact reason I didn't go to sleep till now even though I feel sleepy. If I went to sleep certain things would follow which I do not wish to happen. It would mean that Friday is closer. It would mean that The moment I open my eyes I will remember the tonnes of things I have to do. It would mean that this week comes to an end. Isn't it funny how it is so easy for things that you've worked so hard for to come crashing down?

So all of these are letters combined together to make word. Words which can behold great meanings. Do you ever think twice before saying a word? How about a whole sentence then? No? Maybe being too much careful isn't good but again shouldn't we think about what we say so that we can know for sure that we are responsible for what we say? Therefore I shall try to think before I say anything. I am not sure it will work. As you hear the thought twice through your inner voice it loses its meaning. Hearing it for the second time in your voice as you say it is so much different because then all you would care for is simply making what you said clearer or in most cases you would think: It doesn't matter now, I said it. I can never decide if I should think twice before saying something or just let the words shape in a sound? But I can live my life normally and still feel confused about this. :D
Thursday has come to an end. There is no reason for me to stay anymore writing. If Thursday has left me then why shouldn't I simply surrender to this and go sleep soundlessly? I think I will follow Thursdays lead. Good night dear reader who will finish this post but her/his expressions are still bleary.

PS: If you were like the person writing and thought that 'readable' wasn't a word then I suggest you to take the writer's lead and check the dictionary.


Ashok said...

Nicely written, I suppose it was one of those moments when you just have to write that acted as a guiding role for this literary treat. :) Although it took me quite some time to understand it. It showed a lot of maturity as a writer. Keep it up Madam, you will do well as a blogger.;)

Ashok said...

Well I was sleepy, so chuck it. It is very understandable.:)