Friday, March 16, 2007

One Wish...

So today we had the party. Imagine one person coming to your party! It is not because people didn't show up. It is because only one person was asked to be there. Only one person was asked, because there wasn't any one else who was welcomed to the glorious celebration. Those are not the real reasons, for no one knows the real reasons. It was not a planned event so you can not expect much.

It went as smoothly as it could. We had so much fun. As you can tell, three girls being in one room only means non-stopped chattering. Crazy photos were taken which only 3 or 4 can be considered as good. Still those pictures with weird expressions can only add to the party more -a word is escaping from my head- joy. Joy? Not the word I was looking for but one word or another has to fill the space so that I can carry on with my post.

The yearly gift was given and read. It was what any one could ever ask for. It meant the world and offered the world. It was.... Why should I tell? Let it pass without my fingers typing it.
It is only today that I realized it is OK to now be 15. It is great to have grown a year. I only mean by that intellectually. But it did not happen in the blink of an eye neither did it happen in a really hard work. It just happened without giving itself a proper explanation.
From today, I can safely say that I look forward to the days to come. I can face the hard ones. I can live through out every day of my life with my head up. Not in the sky but among other people. Looking at their faces to see that we are all on the same level.

Coming back to the party, the cake was good. lol, well... and the food was good. I for once didn't eat so much as to make myself sick. The person who attended our party had her way of making us eat without feeling the food. I dressed up, it doesn't happen so often so again that was fun.
I am still 14 though. Yes, it is not today that I am officially 15 but it is the exact date that I am greeting my birthday.
I had (have) one wish. Let us hope it shalt come true. One day or another I am sure it will. It is not a big wish. Just a simple one, OH! please do come true.
Now, since today was a party... I didn't have time to do school work, meaning: tomorrow will be a busy day. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is no other than any other day. Tomorrow will be what it was meant to be -what I will make out of it-
Good night for now. It is only a smile drawn on the face of the writer. Future seems bright!


Zach Komes said...

Noor! Happy Early Birthday from moi! :D

Waed S. said...

It will come true dear...... Inshallah it is gonna be more than true!!!

Ashok said...

Well I sure hope your wish comes true.:) All the best.

With regard to your latest comment on my blog. *salutes* Maam Yes Maam