Friday, March 30, 2007

life = dramatic

I have some updates to fill you -dear reader- with. Life has been very dramatic and this exact word I never thought I would describe my life with. I thought 'dramatic' only suits something like 'Days Of Our Lives'. Which has so much drama and you feel so depressed after watching. I after watching like more than probably one hundred episode quit watching it. I can no longer bear trouble after trouble and no bright light to keep you hoping for better things to happen.
So you might wonder the reason why my life is shaping up as a dramatic soup-opera! There are various reasons as a matter of fact. There are reasons which are beyond me and there are reasons below me.
The ones that I can not comprehend I might as well tell you about.
What do you imagine me to do if the training teacher doesn't understand anything? I may be doing her a bit injustice for what does a person whose major is chemistry know about astrology? I admit that through out the numerous days of being in school I now have a good observation on teachers, I can tell when they have no idea about what they are speaking of, I can tell when they do not wish to be in the classroom, I can tell when they hate/love me. It is very obvious now. It is a skill I have acquired by being stuck with my teachers. And this trainer has absolutely no idea what she is teaching. Poor her, I hope she survives this semester by my side.
So besides clueless teachers, there is really much going on that I have no idea why is it this way.
I am somehow overwhelmed :D
There are various projects which have to be done. There are some new cool songs. There hasn't been any good movie. There hasn't been any good dream not that there ever was :P
So here are the updates that I can tell you. I do not know if I should proceed but my eyes refuse for there isn't more to say and I have a hard time keeping my eyes open.
I am sorry for not updating sooner but here I am... Now I have done my part, I must away at this exact minute. As I am wrapping this up. It is not only me leaving, you shalt close this page now because there are no more words to read.
Good Night...

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