Thursday, March 22, 2007

Can you smile? :D

I am sure every one comes across situations where one wonders about the reason certain things take place. I am sure every one has been through something, and why that thing happened is still a mystery. Have you ever failed and thought why? Have you ever did something wrong but you knew it wasn't your fault? Ever wondered who's to blame on why things seem only to be heading the wrong way in this world?
If the questions above were answered with yes, then please read on.

The blame for everything that is happening simply goes to this person writing. It is not enough that I blame myself for everything, NO... I have to share my life with someone who blames me for everything.
I wouldn't be surprised to know that it is my fault that the world is coming to an end! But I always wonder if the world is really coming to an end. Could it be? I refuse to think so, and I will never think so. How can the world come to an end when there is still a soul on this earth trying to make things better? It can not come to an end as long this one, single, helpless soul is alive. And now there is more than this lone soul. I have sensed more than one.
There is hope. There will always be. Just try to be optimistic for a day. I have had it with people acting like nothing can be done now to change the world, like the situation on this earth is so hopeless. Enough with pessimist people. We need something to keep us holding on, why can't this be our hope?
If there isn't hope then why are you reading? Why are you breathing? Why do you bother to open your eyes in the morning? Why.....? Why.....? etc.
Like it or not, you can feel hope, you can sense the bright light, this brings a smile to your face. As long as you are able to smile then there is nothing to fear...

This is not just some optimistic words from I, these are some optimistic words from someone who is willing to go to the end of the world to prove that you still can smile. I am sure hope lies somewhere within you. Do not try to find it, just try to show it :D
At last, hopefully I made my point clear. And just so you know... Not everything is my fault so do not come after me and start blaming me. Only some things are my fault, as everyone else. No one is perfect so I do make mistakes and I do have a few things to be blamed for.


Ashok said...

You know that reminds me of a Arab saying. I believe it was used by the Unani practitioners. Here it is,

"One who has health, has hope and one who has hope has everything."
You words always true. For a immature small kid, you do come up with grown up stuff.:D (The contract in place).

I just came to delete that last post in my blog when I read your comment. It so happens that many a times I write something and I get embrassed reading it the next day. This is one such post.:D

And nothing going wrong in my life. Its just something I had to write.

Waed S. said...

Oh yes I can smile!!!
oh I was wondering y u changed the name without counciling me ? it is not nothing !!!!!

Ashok said...

In response to your comment in the "Who is beautifull?" post.

lol Well dont worry you are 15 years old and quite immature (our contract....:)) lots to learn.Take care chow and Stay beautifull :)

Ashok said...

lol of course not. Now that I think of it, it wasnt such a bad literary work as I thought it was. You made me realise that it wasnt all that bad. So be proud.

The only reason I havent been posting is that certain things have been keeping me a little too unclear to write.That is all.:)

Rohit said...

very nice post noor. but i'll tell you how i see it...keeping aside my beliefs about world's end for the time.

is an end always bad? is death always dark? i think there is more to it...if something is about to end, then perhaps there lies another beginning after the end. maybe end is simply of those things which hamper change. change..thats the law of nature. nothing can remain static forever afterall. death or end of the world here could in fact be seen as a transformation...a new beginning, a new dawn in the history of our civilization..and well, history is not always past either, it is future too. :)

that's how i'd think and no i agree with you, i don't believe in any doomsday prophecies...and even if it were to happen, it will be for gud of all. everything that happens has a reason..

so once again...amazing post noor!!! u really leave me stunned sumtimes as to things u think of...if only more people thought so deep.. =)