Saturday, April 7, 2007

Normal??? I haven't yet heard of such a thing

I am very much busy these days. It is the exact reason that explains the huge gap between my posts. With what you are free to ask? There is no other thing than this school work. It is sucking my soul :P
Well, not to that extent! It is very tiring though. Anyways life has been so great. I didn't go to school today so that made my day, it also loaded me with more work. I have to make up for what I missed.
One day last week in the English lesson, -I move my place in that lesson to supposedly help the other group's members- I sat down and noticed two girls quarrelling. 'Do I want to know what are you two talking about?' I asked because if you know me then you must know that my mouth can not be shut. The girl didn't understand and started telling me what was wrong. She said that the other one was telling her that she had 'strange ideas and personality' and she seemed very upset from the thought that she was not normal.
I started telling her that there wasn't such thing called 'normal' and being normal would be the exact same thing as being 'strange' for normal does not exist in life.
The girl only looked at her book and seemed very much deep in thought with a look that told me she didn't not understand a single word I uttered. I only sighed and thought that listening to the teacher would be the best thing I would do.

This is what I wanted to share with you. Good night....


Anonymous said...

First things first...
You'd better concentrate on what's happening in class,or you'll have me to answer to!!! [:P]

And yea,i totally agree on the fact that there is absolutely no one person in this world who's normal..It just doesn't have a fixed definition now does it??

I may seem normal to you,and 'abnormal' to a whole list of others...
Its all in your viewpoint,how you see things [:)]

aska said...

hey, nice post!!

yeah right, i've never heard of "normal" either..! :D


Ashok said...

lol well the thing is if the person is actually very nice and then acts in a wierd way, I dont get irritated. If the person has always been irresponsible and not likable as a character and then expects a good ear, thats when I get angry.:)

And as far as the normal thing goes, I must say that I would rather be abnormal than be normal because it is way too much fun this way.:)