Sunday, August 2, 2009


Life does impose certain rules on us, we may rebel and try to break free, yet they remain to haunt us.
Life makes us go through everything, we try to over come what comes our way, and we do our best, yet sometimes it is too hard. Perhaps it is destiny, and how we are meant to spend our lives, and what we gain from it all. And maybe, it happens to put light on matters in our lives, or
on the ways of the world.
What of young people wanting to get married yet life puts all the obstacles in the world in front of them. It is something that has been bothering me for quite sometime now, and I feel the need to tell you about it. Many people in this world had their lives changed, they got through it, and lived to tell the tale.
So here's the bottom line, two people in love, get engaged, but after sometime they break up. She doesn't have a passport that allows her to get him to live with her in Jordan, and he can't get her to come to live with him in Palestine, so what can they do?
It's all too sad if you ask me, and the thing is that they had to end it because they knew they would have to live apart or spend their lives away from both of their homes. Jobs abroad aren't easy to get, and even if they did get it, what would happen if they lost their jobs? What would happen to the kids? They must have gone through a really bad time having to break up over that. And it's only one case of many many young people, who can't get married, or can't find jobs. It's such a shame, for Palestinians, and how we seem to be losing ground of the miseries of these people, or of the people in the world in general. I do share Younsef's views (a character from On The Hills of God which is a book that I can truly say has changed my life, one way or another) of how we should quit putting the blame and seriously try to solve all of this, find a common ground. Our pride has done no good in this matter whatsoever, I understand it something beyond me to comprehend, or for anyone who hasn't actually experienced it, but I understand for the sakes of these people, serious steps towards their salvation from their misery should be taken.

If the leaders truly had the people on their minds, they'd have at least made an attempt towards trying to attain peace. However, what I say is merely how I view the issue.
Inshallah, the best that the people derserve may happen. We simply need to show our symapthy. It's not just the Palestine-Israel-Conflict, it's of all the conflicts in the world, and of all the nations that are suffering!!!

People's capacity to endure truly amazes me!


Rohit said...

I am glad you posted this. This topic is very close to my heart and I know very well how you feel under such pressures. I wish things were different but unfortunately they aren't so far. I guess it is destiny. But I think one has to take certain risks in life to succeed. If one is simply afraid of failure and doesn't try then nothing is worth it!

I think in such a situation, I'd have rather taken that risk, left everything behind and faced it. Worst of all I would have accepted death trying than be a living dead without the loved one. This way it should be worth it. Nothing is greater than love!

I really want to read this book...maybe soon.

Unknown said...

Such a shame, as you say.
Fathers always look for the best for their children, I guess nothing is perfect.
However, at the end everything will get better insha'allah =)

Noor said...

@ Rohit:
do read it, it's such a great great book! Waed recommended it, and it took me 2 years to find it, but it was definitely worth the wait... :)

and you're right, I do share ur opinion of fighting till the end, this topic has been discussed in my family recently a lot, and although they sympathize with the people, they are of the opinion that u should accept it and deal with it, u shouldnt have gotten involved with a person u wouldnt be able to continue with in the first place, for me, it's like what is their fault? i dont think falling in love is a crime, and i dont think that u can choose the one u fall in love with in the 1st place...
such complications!

@ Nema: Inshallah!! :)