Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just Let Me Go

So I finally got to taste Ice Tea, it was the Lipton Peach flavored Ice Tea, and it wasn't all that. It tasted more like a peach juice but I can officially say I have tasted Ice Tea...
That's my exciting news for you.

Other than that I just finished a really interesting book, The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani. It's a great read, if you are interested in reading about something new, about Iran back in the 17th century and about a young carpet maker, then this is the book to read. It's enchanting!
I loooooved it.

Now I'm reading Eclipse, the 3rd Twilight book. I have no expectations, but they say it's better than New Moon so I'm all up for it. Bella going gaga over Edward is getting a bit old, but I'm trying not to let it get on my nerves. What can I say though? It's too interesting to put down.

What has been on my mind lately is that I need to let things go. I do. I keep stressing things that I ought to have let go of ages ago. It's hard when you have a mind like mine, that keeps thinking over the same thing on and on and on. Everyone has their flaws and issues like me.
I simply need to learn how to chillax more... and Let go of things.

That's what I wanted to say really. Hope everyone is having awesome times, and eating lots of ice-cream ;)

PS: the title is from a 3 Doors Down song that's called Let Me Go, which is one of my favourite songies.


Unknown said...

I deal with the same issue, habibti. I think it's created out of habit, and we just need to tell ourselves: "Let it go, it's over!" and get distracted with something else instead of worrying about the little things.

Easier said than done, I know. I have to learn to deal with it, too :).

Unknown said...

I'll make sure I get that song ;)
Ice cream? oh no I haven't been eating lots of ice cream :( *cries* lol.

I have never loved Twilight, I only saw the movie but didn't stand out to me that much, they say the book is way better..I hope you're having a good read ;)
And masha'allah girl, You're addicted haha. But I certainly love that in you =)

About letting may write a list about the things you need to let go of, take a deeeep breath and let go of them one after one..and go back to the list from time to time or memorize it in your head, whenever you feel like you still haven't let go, try again, fail again, and by the end of everyday you will learn that letting go is one of the best things in life =)

Wishing you aaaall the best!

Noor said...

@ ViC: I'm glad u hear me!! and it is easier said than done, but when I remind myself that I should let it go, it gets easier actually, so ur advice earlier was really really helpful!!

@ Nema:
sorry ur not having much ice-cream, but do listen to the song its gr888!

and I dont know if i can write a list of things, i forget them once i wanna write the list when when im simply thinking of it, it hits me everytime, so if u wanna ask me for an example i wouldnt be able to come up with one, but they are always always there somewhere in my mind, but im trying to let them go. :)

and oh the books r much better, believe me, the 1st one at least, it was awesome! but from then on, its like kinda the same story line, a few new plots but i need something drastic! :P
thanks soo much for ur comment! <3

Unknown said...

Drastic? haha that doesn't sound like you at all.
Anyway so I was just suggesting about this list idea..I've never done it myself but I really think you should do it, maybe you can't let go because you don't exactly know what those things are?

Anyhow I wish you all the best :)
And by the way I changed my url, I don't know if it's working with you or not, but here is it again:

Noor said...

haha drastic in the sense that i need something new, like totally new, cutting edge new in twilight, lol, thats going too far, im just sick of how frustrating the whole thing got, its not exactly my kinda book i think!