Wednesday, August 26, 2009

تذكر - كاظم الساهر

This is such an under-estimated song. I remember listening to it when I was in Iraq in the late 90s. I just found it recently again!!!
I have to dedicate this post to such a beautiful beautiful song. It's called Tathakar (which means Remember), Kadim Al Sahir sang it for the children of Iraq when Saddam was ruling and the situation was really bad. I think they banned it on tv after a while, and I could only find 2 videos of it on Youtube, and they're not very clear but still. It's a song worth listening to. I loove it!!


كلما صليت ليلاً
Everytime you pray at night,
ملايين تلوك الصخر خبزاً
The millions who chew stones like bread

قبل أن تغفو على أي وساده
Before you fall asleep on any pillow,
أينام الليل من ذبحوا بلاده ؟؟؟!!!
Does sleep come to those whose country has been slayed?

إني أراهم عائدين من المدارس
I see them coming back from schools
باست جبينهم المآذن و الكنائس
Mosques and Churches have kissed their forheads
كتبوا لكم هذا النداء
They wrote this calling for you
بعثوا لكم هذا النداء
They sent this calling for you

وطني جريح خلف قضبان الحصار
My country is wounded behind the bars of...
في كل يوم يسقط العشرات من أطفالنا
Everyday our children die
إلى متى؟ إلى متى ؟إلى متى هذا النداء
Until when? Until when? Until when will this calling continue?

PS: I translated it, so there might be some mistakes, and I didn't get to publish the whole lyrics.

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