Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ensan Akthar

انت منت انسان أكثر
enta manta ensan akthar
You're not more human than I am
قلبي مو من قلبك أصغر
galbi mo men galbak as'3ar
my heart is not smaller than yours

ومثل ما تشعر تأكد اني أشعر
w methel ma tsh3or taakad eny ash3or
and like you feel, be sure that I feel too

فيني منك فيك مني
feeni menak feek meny
I've got some of you inside me, and you as well (meaning we're the same)

غصب عنك غصب عني
'3aseb 3anak w '3aseb 3any
(we're the same) whether we like it or not

التقينا واللقا قسمة مقدر
eltegaina w elloga gesma mgadar
we met and meeting was destined

I simply love this song. This particular part of it. It's so true, yet we fail to realize it over and over again. One of the things that really annoy me, is stuck-up people. I mean what is the reason they walk around thinking they're all superior to other people. I just don't get it. I'm not talking about people I know, I'm just talking about people in the streets, in malls, and such when you see them walk by you, they make you think they're above everyone.
It's ridiculous. How hard is it walking with a nice smile on your face (on the good days I mean)? I don't think it is. You don't even have to have a smile on your face (although that would be better), you can simply walk without airs.

I just felt like venting, so I did. I'm not particularly annoyed by that at the moment, but it's more of an observation.

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Unknown said...

There's this girl at my French class that has that kind of air around her, she doesn't smile and looks at everyone as if she were superior. Ugh, and my French is so much better than hers...! :P

Just wanted to show-off, haha! Love amiga!*