Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Of this and that

I feel as if I need to voice out some thoughts I've been having lately, and even though I'd love to dedicate a post for each, my writing skills are only allowing me to give each topic on my head a paragraph or in the utmost two paragraphs. Anyways let's rock away!

First thing, it's weird but I've never had it. I've never tasted iced-tea. I mean I like hot tea, I don't drink it that often though. I'm not into drinks really be it tea or coffee or anything, my favourites are water and juice(s). Anyways I don't know why, I just want to taste it! I'll definitely post my feelings about it when I do. :P

I admit the first thing was a bit weird. I mean why would you wanna know that? But I just can't help sharing useless stuff. Let's move on to the second thought which is deeper I swear than wanting to try a drink. I've been noticing lately that people expect you to make the move and ask about them and you be the one in touch. I'm in no generalizing here. I believe that there are great friends, and they'd always check up on you but I just can't help feeling it's frustrating to feel that if you get caught up in life certain people whom you would call friends wouldn't do the same for you. However though, even if it gets frustrating, at the end you just do it for yourself and stay in touch because you'd be the one feeling bad for not doing so.
Anyways, maybe I'm putting too much to it, but still I can't help feeling the way I do. But don't get me wrong, it's just sometime back that I noticed it, and I don't really care about it anymore, because first off if you stress stuff too much then you'd end up picking at everyone's mistake and who would you have left around you? And second off, friendship is about just having fun with your friends and that they'll be no awkward moments or feelings. So anyways, I'm just voicing it out loud to get it off my chest. So there!

I don't why is it that I have such a hard time writing something that represents angry or sad feelings. I mean I don't write when I'm feeling very bad about something, or when I have a bad day or anything. I just try to write about it when I feel better so that I have a good perspective on it. But somehow it would be different (I don't know if better), if I wrote while I was going through a bad time. But I just feel that I'd end up stressing too much into it (as I often do with everything really) and give it more than it deserves and maybe that feeling will be with me for a while. But most of all, I just hate the thought of sounding ungrateful for anything in my life, I don't know if that would sound as I was bragging about myself or wanting to seem idealistic or any of that. But take my word for it, it's not! I'm just trying to say it like it is.

I don't know what else I want to voice really. I just feel good about posting about the above stuff. That's all that's stuck on my mind really. I've been enjoying blogging lately, after such a long time of very infrequent posts! :D That's all for now, I'll see ya when I see ya...
Good night

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Ashok said...

Interesting information over the tea thing. But with regard to friends, always know that you can count on me to lend a ear :) It is pretty sad when your friends don't express their concern. I know I find it difficult to check up on my friends sometimes and I end up feeling really bad about it myself. But remember patience is a virtue at the end of the day :)