Saturday, February 7, 2009

It will be Good

"It's better! It's much better!"
The above is what I can manage to say when I'm asked how is the situation in Iraq going. It's a very truthful one, I might add. People no longer fear to express their opinions about anything, even politics. There's much more freedom, and the economical situation of the people is very much improved. The issue of safety has been improving daily. 
The people of Iraq witnessed a successful election for the officials who will be running the cities in Iraq. Only 2 sound bombs were heard. We have good people working for our country, I am very proud of them. They're behind the improvements we're seeing today. I just wish that I can do something for my country, I'm not a patriotic person mind you, but I mean it'd really feel rewarding I think. 

There's so much to be optimistic for. However, I can't say it's "good" in there. The condition there, however improved it may be, is still in need of more improvements.
I think for me to say that it's good there, I need to see that electricity is available at least for 21 or 22 hours during the day. It's a very important point for me, it used to be only 3 hours a day or so, now it's better but still it needs a lot of work, I'm positive they can get it done. Yesterday there was a power cut of nearly an hour, and it wasn't easy handling it, so I can't imagine how people there endure the power cut. However, since I mentioned earlier that the financial situation of the people is much improved so they use those generators. It's better, but the government is required to provide electricity. This is just a very important issue for me.

Also the people who are in charge of official should stop manipulating their power, and misusing it and stealing the money of the people. It probably happens all over the world, but it's just that it could be managed more, I think. 
I'm not blaming the government in any sort of way, I'm all behind our PM! But I guess it's just showing how well he's doing, truly. 
I may not be the person to look for if you need input for what's going on there, since I don't watch much of the news. But I have a good clue on what's up there. 
I just feel like I had to get that out. :) 


Ashok said...

Sadly corruption is a way of life all over the world. But its amazing how the Iraqis are doing such a splendid job rebuilding their country. Kudos to the Iraqi spirit :)

Unknown said...

I am honest when I'm saying this: that was a very objective post about the situation in Iraq :). Not many people manage that when talking about the conflictive situation there.

I'm glad you talked a bit about it on your blog, habibti, you rock!*