Sunday, January 25, 2009


I feel as if I didn't appreciate them enough, although I knew they were probably among the most wonderful people I'd ever meet in my life. I find myself wishing these days, that the day we met them would repeat itself again. I can clearly remember the words they taught us, the places they had us go to.
At first they were just telling us which way to go next, and at the end of the night we felt as if we were best friends forever. I get to talk to them every now and then online, but it's just not enough.
The language issue wasn't a problem at all, although we found ourselves sometimes looking at them speaking in Turkish quickly in vain trying to tell us something their English vocabulary failed to convey. I just keep on wishing someday I'd see them again!!! Inshallah we will though. It's something deep, and I'd have normally kept it inside and not let it out, but it's just feels right to write about it.
What fascinates me the most, was how friendly they were. They didn't know us at all, and it just really strengthens your faith in humanity when you meet such nice people and their simplicity is amazing. You may think I am speaking in codes, but I'm not. it's actually very simple. They were two girls we met on our trip to Turkey. I just feel like I miss them so much, we had such fun together, even if it was for one day. It's amazing how you can get attached to people you've met even for a short while.
It's one of the reasons why I want to learn Turkish, so that I can go there again and meet my lovely friends and we can talk easily. Anything is possible, right? Plus we're very much on our way to becoming experts in the language, :P Well, okay maybe not that much but we're doing our best. It's just great to know that you have such friends.


Ashok said...

Few things hold as much value in life as good friends. It's great to make new friends and keep in touch with them. Hope you learn turkish soon (maybe you can teach me the language too coz knowing only three languages makes me feel a little inadequate lately :P)

Unknown said...

Aww that's so beautiful! There are people who leave a mark in us, whether if it is just for one day, one month or even an hour (okay, maybe the last don't leave an everlasting impression unless they're the Buddha personified, but you understand!)

I'm glad you're posting more Noory :) And thank you very much for the comments on my blog!*