Thursday, June 5, 2008


So we left off when Mohand and Noor were getting married again. So the party was really nice, but it couldn't go perfect. Mohand's uncle, Tariq, is a bad man. He was running the company before Mohand's grandfather gave him the position of taking control of the company. Anyways Tariq used to smuggle drugs. And he was secretly married with a child. No one knew, and at Noor and Mohand's marriage everything was revealed. The part about him being secretly married. Anyways, their cousin Fajer, lived away from his family for sometime and he got involved with bad company. His friend got him into selling drugs without him knowing it and when he knew what it was he backed away and returned to his family. But the drug gang was after him to get back at his family, they killed his friend and put the body in his car's trunk. He saw it at night when Tariq was leaving. Now Tariq pulled some strings and the issue was solved. He did it intentionally so that he can get Fajir to do stuff for him.

Anyways, at the mean time Noor and Mohand are doing awesome, pretty happy having just got back together and Noor is starting her own firm with this annoying partner. Mohand got two tickets for Paris, they're leaving for the weekend. It's supposed to be Noor's first time away from Turkey and Mohand was determined to make Noor happy. Now Noor is about to open her new clothing line and her shop. Her work is hectic, and before they were leaving, her partner told her they needed her to stay. She tried getting out of it, but couldn't. She came home and told Mohand, they're not going because she can't leave work. Now Mohand had the whole thing planned, where to go, what to do and stuff so he was pretty upset. He left home and went to his friend. Came home really early in the morning, to find Noor just slept on the couch. She felt pretty bad about it. He lift her up and carried her to bed, but she was already awake, she apologized and told him they'll go another time. He agreed, and she suggested that they go on a tour to visit Istanbul (Turkey's capital). They go and have a great time, and the Paris incident is forgotten.

Now, Tariq is teaming up with Mohand's cousin Bana who wanted Mohand's position, she's giving him the inside on what's happening in the company without knowing that he wants to destroy the family and smuggle drugs through the company. Anyways, he pulls it off and smuggles drugs and such. Now Bana turns out to be not from the family. Her mom married her dad when she was already pregnant with her from another man. So she's not from the family. When her dad found out he wasn't her dad, he killed his wife and then killed himself. Now, no one knew this, they thought they had a car accident. But Tariq tells Bana this to turn her against her family, and now everyone knows.

Another thing is that Mohand tells Noor that he's ready to have kids. So they go to the hospital, do the tests and stuff. Then a couple of days later the hospital calls Mohand and ask him to go there. He's told that Noor can't give birth because of the miscarriage she's had and it's a long shot if they tried to have babies. Mohand is devastated. I mean he's thinking he's the reason, because he started the fight with her and he watched her fall down the stairs and he was the one opposing to having children at first. So he spends the day grumpy and not talking to her. The next day, they have a party. It's Bana's engagement party and Mohand is still upset about what he learned in the hospital. So after that he goes to his friend's house, pretty drunk so his friend calls Noor and asks her to come. She does, and finds Mohand in a pretty bad shape. He tells her to leave, but she insists on knowing what happened so he tells her that she can't have babies and that it's all his fault. She gets upset but after a while they go through it well and she tells him not to give up and starts getting treatment.

So Bana's fiance Kamil is a reporter who is looking up Mohand's company's involvement in smuggling drugs, which they aren't, Tariq is but anyways so Kamil meets up with Mohand to tell him about what he discovered. Now, being involved in such a case is dangerous and Kamil is followed. When he's sitting with Mohand, some of those mafia try to shoot kamil but the bullet hits Mohand in the leg. And he's hurt. So he stays at home, being taken care of by Noor. Now their grandfather's health is at risk because Bana found out she's not from the family, and Mohand is trying to keep his family from falling apart.

It's pretty complicated! But I mean I feel like I have to write what happens, maybe just for me to get back to it when (if) I miss the show when it ends. So let's get on with the story. Tariq, who is the evil uncle and is smuggling drugs through Mohand's family's company without their knowledge. So he wants to get out of the whole thing and make the company and the family look bad so before leaving on his flight to the US he calls the police and tells them that there's a truck at this place, which is a truck of the company's full of drugs. Then Tariq flees the country. The police finds the truck, and finds the drugs. The driver, who knows about everything, and knows that it's all Tariq's fault not Mohand's or the company's, runs away. The police arrests Mohand, the grandfather and Fajir Mohand's cousin and Anwar Mohand's brother-in-low. Because all of them are in charge of the company. Now, they're all shocked because of what happened but they go to jail, and they spend like a week there without any new evidence to bring down the real criminals. The grandfather has a stroke in prison, he's a very old man, has lived his whole life with dignity trying to hold his family together and ends up in jail. His conditions don't get any better, and still no new evidence. So now, Mohand talks to their lawyer and finds out that the only way to make it easier is if one of them confessed to the whole thing, and then the rest would go free. Bana who helpd Tariq do his plans without knowing, finds out she was helping out and the girl panics. How could she do that to a family who made her feel like she's one of them? So she's doing everything she can to make up for it.

Now, it's none of their fault but Mohand, being also the family man, and loves his family takes the risk and says it's all his fault. He wants his grandfather to live with dignity for the rest of his remaining life. Now Anwar and Fajir disagree but what can they do? So Mohand is left behind. Noor is devastated that Mohand would do that, he could face up to 20 years of jail minimun. The driver is found but while they find him, Tariq's people find him too and kill him. So there goes Mohand's chances of being freed. But they catch Tariq's men and they confess to the whole thing, and so Mohand is released.

He is reunited with Noor in a scene which lasts about 5 minutes, I mean they sometimes take it over the top a little but it's ok, the man is free! He's not free of the charges yet, but he'll be put to trail without being in jail. He goes to the hospital because his grandfather is in a coma, but then wakes up after a day or two. Mohand won't rest until he catches Tariq and gives him what he deserves. With little care to the police who are looking after him. He ruined his family, so Mohand is set to take Tariq down! I think it won't be pretty.

So yeah that's about it I guess, now they're together again, the whole family. But I mean things still don't look very promising. Mohand is trying to spend as much time away from home as he can to work on how to take Tariq down, and Noor having noticed that is trying to get his mind off that, and is planning to take him on a trip for his upcoming birthday. Something tells me they won't go! :P That's just me speculating though. You can never be sure on how these shows might turn around. And I guess I should wrap this up. So hope I didn't bore you to death by now. :D


Anonymous said...

lol seriously noor i enjoyed your posts about noor.. btw are you doing this because you share the same name? j.k :p

Noor said...

Hey there anonymous, thanks a lot for the comment. I'm glad someone (besides me) enjoys my blabbers on Noor.
and u do raise a good question, but I don't think sharing the name is the reason, but it's pretty cool 2 have a show with ur name on it. :P

Ashok said...

lol the plot is going well :)

Anonymous said...

wow...cant beileve u wrote all watching noor now 8eighty-something, havent been watching 4 long though, only abt a week or so. but u really made things more clear for me. so thanx:D:D

Noor said...

ur most welcome Anonymous, I'm glad to be of any service.
It's a great show, eh?