Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I got featured. YAY!
Well, here's the story. I found this really cool blog on blogger and I've been a regular, commetning and reading other's To-Do-Lists. The author of the blog is an author of a book called 'To-Do-Lists'. I'd love to get the book.
The idea behind the book and the blog are very cool indeed. They publish other people's lists.

Celebrating the New Year, there was this sort of calling for people to send lists about the new year, you know like New Year Resolutions, 2007 Acomplishment, and so on. A few of those sent lists will be featured. I thought I'd give it a try and send mine. I sat down and wrote my precious little acomplishments.

At that time I did it for the fun, nothing more. Of course I had in mind that it'd be great if I got featured. Anyways I just checked the blog now and there my list was. On a post, with two comments saying it was a good one.
How about that?
Well what are you waiting for, check it out:
And leave your comments there!
Hope everyone is having a nice New Year.
PS: Here's the blog link:


Fast_HacKinG said...

Hey Noor, how are yaaaaaa?? I hope you're doing well :p

I finally updated my blog lol

I've been regularly reading your blog though, still amazing ;)

Happy Holidays ^_^

Anonymous said...

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